Amazing Archery

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s THE most amazing thing I’ve ever seen, nor THE most amazing archery I’ve ever seen, but close enough. She has a great nice little body. Mmm mmm good… [dazed] Mmm, so yummy… [starts talking to myself about how yummy she is]



11 Replies to “Amazing Archery

  1. Is that the Hoff? xD How much you wanna bet, she was propositioned back stage after that preformance?

  2. OH MAN! Did you jerk yourself off while on my site?!?! GROSS! HAHAHAHA!!! And yes, that’s the Knight Rider! :)

  3. We do… WE ALL DO! No idea the name of the show tho. Love her figure. So tiny and so bendable. Nothing like bendy girls. Mmmm, bendy… 8]

  4. Give me alittle credit, man. Jeez. I at least waited till I’d turned off the computer before I started that. LoL. j/k Sorry to disappoint, but even the bendable Ms. Gymnast there, didn’t inspire me to that sort of action.

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