8 Replies to “Cactus Club

  1. first freakin’ sentence! HAHAHAHA

    “Cacti have can be found in rain forests and as far north as Canada.”

    I stopped there….

  2. And I stopped creaming into your face when you yelled, “I want it! I WANT IT IN MY EYE! IN MY MOUTH, IN MY NOSTRILS, EARS, AND MY MAN CHEST!”

  3. It is. We should all have one or more in the house, beside our beds, to keep us company. I’m sure a bansai tree would be more serene… BUT, I find a cacti just as serene. Just don’t roll onto it when asleep… Or try not to I mean.

    It’s good… [thumbs up, way up!]

  4. My mom had abunch around the house. That, and a couple Aloe Vera plants. I should see if I can snag one from her. Give it a try.

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