3 Replies to “I do not have liver cancer!

  1. Yes yes, I’m going to quit drinking so much from now on. Got to stay away from the mixing AND the hard stuff. The occasional beer and the glass of wine is okay, but not like what I had last night.

    Apparently, I was so freaking pissed last night, I said and did a lot of things at Pat’s place. I felt so freaking terrible when I learned what I did and said.

    By the way, why was your blog suspended? I visited it a few months ago and MyOpera said your account was suspended.

  2. I deleted it ages ago. Opened another one on blogger in 2009,but have not decided what I want to write about. I think I might start again,will send you the link when I do.

    Numbing your feelings will only make things worse, but I understand why you are:)

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