I Prefer At Least Size 8


I’m speaking of girls here between 5-3 and 5-6. Seriously, when any of my ex’s say they wanted to be slimmer or they wanted to diet on friggin leaves and water, I was like, “NO! Are you fucked in the head?” [wink]

Read this article from the Daily Mail: LINK

It talks about the various fashion standards setting a min-body mass limit so women who are 5-9, and are under 124 pounds cannot do fashion shows. Every time I look at those women, I think that they would look so much better if they have at least 20 pounds more to their sizes. If you click on the link, it shows a picture of Lily Cole – man, nasty. Look at her legs! Geez! She’s just tall, skin and bones. Only part that seems to have any sort of meat are her cheeks.


6 Replies to “I Prefer At Least Size 8

  1. So is there a cap on that? :p

    Ps. Lily Cole’s face looks like she’s just in elementary school :s

  2. Oh yeah!!! “Holy Batman, is that pie?” better be listening to this: “LEEMAN!! YOU’RE MY HERO FOR HELPING ME FIX MY COMPUTER!!!” :D :D :D

  3. have you seen a picture of nicole ritchie recently? she’s like 80-ish pounds now….NAAAAAASSSSTTTTYYYYYYY!

  4. to FP: And you would screw Nicole Ritchie? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Nasty like your anus and shampoo!

    to Spo: Holy Batman is that Beeeeeet….? 8]

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