Koenigsegg CCX VS McLaren F1



^^ McLaren F1

So I’ve replaced my all-time dream car, a McLaren F1 with the Koenigsegg CCX. The McLaren F1 has been on my top spot since I got my hands on Need For Speed 2 in the mid 1990’s, did some research, and saw one in Hong Kong inside an exhibition in person, I pretty much became obssessed with this gorgeous beast. Mind you however, it IS the world’s most expensive road production car, costing at a whopping $1 million to $1.25 million US dollars each! Why so much? The body, parts, and engineering of course. Without getting into details, I’ll just give you acceleration speeds…

* 0-60 mph 3.1 s
* 0-100 mph 6.3 s
* 0-150 mph 12.8 s
* 0-200 mph 28.0 s


^^ Saleen S7


^^ Porsche 911 Turbo

Over the years however, I have had the fortune to witness newer, faster, more powerful, and lighter cars such as the newest Porsche 911 Turbo’s, Ferrari Enzos, the Saleen S7’s, and the older Koenigsegg CCR’s. Though they’re all beautiful, McLaren F1 was still my top pick.


^^ Ferrari Enzo

Unfortunately, my taste in super powerful cars changed from the powerful emperor to the wild princess. Mind you though, the princess can do things that an emperor can’t. 8]

So I present to you, the goddess of them all – the Koenigsegg CCX…



Gorgeous, isn’t she? Not only is she delicious to taste – though still, I yet have to actually taste (drive) her, she only costs half a million US dollars! That’s possibly half a million LESS than the McLaren F1!

I think if I become a millionaire – eg: in the excess of 5 million in cash, I’ll get myself one of these babies. 8]


PS: McLaren F1 though has lost his place at #1, he’s still up at #2. 8]

Added 01/21/2007:


^^ Pagani Zonda F

12 thoughts on “Koenigsegg CCX VS McLaren F1

  1. is this because you saw the episode(s) on top gear about this car? Its an ok car and its downright fast but still…I don’t really like it. I like the original Koenigsegg better. In terms of super cars, the ones I currently like are the Pagani Zonda F, Ferrari Enzo, Porsche Carrera GT, Honda NSX Type R, Ferrari F430, and the Porsche Carrera GT3.

    the McLaren F1 was a pioneer for supercars, because of its use of exotic materials, acceleration speed, and its unique driving position. There is no way a Porsche Turbo or Saleen S7 can hold a candle to it….they are much less powerful and way too heavy. In the last few years though, McLaren F1’s has lost most of its significance. The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 absolutely destroys it in a straight line….if you gave the McLaren a 100mph head start, the Veyron will still beat it to 200 mph. While the McLaren was always a good handling car, it was never able to compare to the Ferrari supercars in terms of handling and braking. Ferrari are simply the best at building a well-balanced racing car….its what they do and no one comes close to being able to do what they do. So while the F1 was fast in a straight line and top speed, on a track, the Ferrari’s could easily keep up with less power. Now that the Enzo has the HP, it just destroys the F1 on a track. Top speed is just for bragging rights anyways, it has absolutely no relevance in reality.

    McLaren’s newest offering, the McLaren Mercedes SLR, is quite a disappointment and an unworthy successor to the F1. Its a great car but not enough of an improvement over the F1, especially considering how much Ferrari has improved from the F40 to the F50 and now the Enzo.

    Since you like the CCX, check out this video;

    This man is my idol! This guy owns a company that supplies parts to aerospace companies and he has 2 CCX’s. He also displays the other cars in his garage. Wow is all I can say.

  2. I know that the MF1 wasn’t the best all-round car, but I liked it as it was the coolest looking one especially with the 3 seater unique, and of course the first of its kind. If you I had a choice between an old 1950’s Porsche and an Enzo, I would probably choose the Enzo, so I can resell it for it’s worth. However, I would choose the 1950 Porsche to drive.

    The Veyron looks cool, but it doesn’t churn my butter. I saw it and it was like “Cool!” but when I saw McLaren F1, I was like “Wow, I’m in love!”

    What I like about the CCX is its size and shape and I always keep this one thing in mind: parking and cornering in the city. I thought that the McLaren would be a bitch to park, considering its length is the same as a mini van, and the CCX is only the length of a Focus.

    As for the MM SLR, it’s okay for the looks. Don’t know much about the specs, as I don’t follow Benz or BMW at all. WHAT I really really like is the SL300 from the 1950’s built by Mercedez. If I was a wealthy bastard, I would like to have that SL300 on top of the CCX, McLaren, and Caravan (yes, a Caravan) in my garage.

    Back on McLaren however – I pretty much stopped looking anything newer than 1998, as latest one based on the F1 was stopped that year.

    Cars… Gross. GROSS!

    What I DON’T like about the CCX is the rear window – or lack of. I mean, geez, it would be so difficult to see anything = probably even illegal in Canada. Then again, Canada makes most exotic cars illegal to drive. Bitches.

  3. I guess that’s where you and I differ….I don’t care about the looks that much, for me, its all about on-track performance. The Pagani Zonda F is the only car I like just in terms of looks.

    Man…the SL300 was good for its time but the rear suspension is absolute ass….in fact, its just downright dangerous. Its nice if you plan on never driving it.

    I can’t believe you think parking is important for a supercar…yes, its important for normal cars but come on! no supercar will ever be good at parking, CCX included….you know how wide these bastards are?! You won’t even be able to drive them in the city because they are soooo low, especially in richmond….I’ve even managed to scrape the underbelly of my mom’s camry in richmond, which is about as high as Mt. Everest. No way a supercar can go anywhere without the bottom being scraped to hell.

    did you watch the youtube video i posted?

  4. If you don’t care much about looks of supercar, that would explain why you like the Ferrari and the Pagani cars. ;)

    Well I’m an artist – a connoisseur of flow and interaction. When I see something that fits the shape and dimensions of what I think is an ideal car that I would like to have in the excess of over half a million dollars, then that’s the car I would like to have. What would a millionaire or a billionaire do with his money as a hobby aside from charities, castles, and 10 football field size playgrounds? Obviously, if I was going to buy a car to live in, drive in, and basically forsake every other aspect of owning my own household property, then sure I would buy a supercar based on ‘praticality’. Fortunately, if at all I would base it on practicality, I wouldn’t even think of buying a supercar. I might as well just buy a van or a sedan that can fit 4 or 5 people on long road trips.

    Alas, as with any filthy rich baron or corporate executive would do, what’s an extra CCX, Gallardo, and possibly a couple of MV’s? Hell, if next year, they come out with something that looks even better and handles even better, then sure, I’ll fork over another million or two. Until that happens, in terms of on-track performance, the only satisfaction I can get from something of that nature, is if I got my own shit car, mod it from stock to whatever specs desirable for X type of racing or terrain.

    And yes, I saw that video. I have the exact same mentality as that guy.

    You see, the ‘problem’ with the Zonda is its shape. It looks like a cross between a F1 car and a GT trying to fit the ‘sub’-standard of being a road-going supercar, but definitely not what I would call art. The front of the car looks okay, and the sound of the engine revving sounds superb, and I’m sure the engineering is awesome. The Zonda looks too fancy. There’s too much stuff on the design. It’s like an American Impala modder got a hold of the car and made it into a diamond and platinum studded supercar.

    However, the CCX looks chic. It’s simple, yet overpoweringly delicious in the shape and flow. The way the front interacts with the cockpits and into the rear ends. It looks stealthy. As if it has the ability to ‘hide’ then cut through air and reappear beside you, probably passing you in the process, making you wonder where it came from. Mind you, I’m sure the noise of its engines would have countered that, unless you were deaf. It’s compact, though it would do nicely with a spoiler to complete it. However, like I said before, I don’t like the porthole rear window it has.

    I’ve added a picture of a Zonda at the end of the entry for comparison.

  5. Anyway, there’s one thing that’s been bugging me about the McLaren F1 picture. If you look at the left side (normally the driver side) of the car, there’s a black thing with three large fingers to be what looks like an arm attached to it. Is that what it looks like or is that just my imagination? Cuz, I don’t remember the McLaren F1 having odd looking door hydraulics like that. Looks almost alien.

  6. “If you don’t care much about looks of supercar, that would explain why you like the Ferrari and the Pagani cars.” says the fruity lemon!

    “Ferrari are simply the best at building a well-balanced racing car….its what they do and no one comes close to being able to do what they do.” and “The Pagani Zonda F is the only car I like just in terms of looks.” expels the gaseous one (in the comments earlier)

    I like the looks of the Pagani Zonda F because it has this unique, exotic italian flare to it….its outrageous in a beautiful way….only italians can make cars that look like that.

    as for that odd looking thing in the F1, I think there is actually a guy sitting in one of the rear seats and that’s his hand, contorted in a weird way.

  7. Well I have to admit that the Zonda F is unique. At least it’s not bad looking. I found that I actually started to like the new Corvette looks. Mind you, that car is a waste of money to buy. Might as well spend a few hundred and get an Acural TL model instead… Absolutely no relevance, but one day… Just one day…

  8. Hey! listen…that Acura TL model is rare and holds a lot of sentimental value! I think its a good deal, considering its only a little more than your regular, japanese acoustic CDs =P

  9. Bitch! Fine fine! It’s just like if you were sleeping with my mom, I wouldn’t counter any of your comments with your momma jokes… So why don’t u have one for the Civic and the Integra? 8]

  10. HAHA!

    I do have one for the integra….but its a lot smaller….i may decide to get a silver one later on…

    and the Civic is not deserving of a model….I had it for like 6 months and got rid of it because it was a piece of junk! =P

  11. Used a magnifyer.
    It’s a guy who is either climbing in or out of the car. His hand is splayed like that due to the angle he needs to be in order to accomplsih the feat of entering/xiting the vehicle.

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