But you didn’t

A story about a woman and the love of her life, how she lost the chance to do the things she always wanted and say the things she always wanted, but never did because it was too late to do so.

Moving on

For my 34th birthday, I wanted a Cactus Plant and so my brother got me the pot of cacti in the picture above. They were so small, round and cute, but still quite deadly. Just a little prick and it hurts quite a bit. Then a year rolled around and I realized the pot was getting too small for them to grow in. So my mom and I transferred them into a larger deeper pot. I’m not entirely happy about it, since the tall one is still a bit too close to one of the other ones and two of [Read More…]

Frustrated with coders

In the development world, it’s normally split between four areas: 1. Management 2. Marketing 3. Coders 4. Designers Management handles the whipping. They push people to their limits, trying to squeeze as much out of the teams as they could, while maintain as little expenses as they could, so they could pocket more in the end. Marketing think they are fantastically capable people who believe because they dabbled in Photoshop 1.0, they suddenly become equally as capable in the actual design of applications. They think that so long as the thing looks pretty, then everything is good. Most coders I’ve [Read More…]

Long distance relationships do work

That is if you put the effort, time and energy into it. If you are the type of person who has little patience and little tolerance, then this isn’t your cup of tea. In my scenario, I would say I had to do what probably could be the most difficult and impossible thing that I see a lot of people fail to do. My lover on the other side of the world has had a very bad case of child abuse inflicted upon her for many years to this day affects how she functions in common society, in the workplace, [Read More…]

Please vote for my friend

Hello boils and ghouls. My friend Laura is trying to win the Cartoonist contest. Every week, a new comic will be released on her page, so long as she stays in the contest. You can vote for her comic once every 6 hours. Please go here to vote: http://www.thecartooniststudio.com/Contestant/87/Laura-Yang

Welcome to 8.0

Welcome to Leemanism 8.0. Here’s a short video about it. March 23rd, 2006 and still going. Amazing eh? That’s almost two months short of seven years! o_o Holy crap! I just realized I’ve known Laura for nearly 9 years, Pat for 27.5 years, Jon for almost 18 years, Tom for about 28 years and Benny for a whopping 5 years! Ah, how time flies when I’m sitting in front of a computer… [flv:http://swollencheeks.com/wp-content/uploads/20130111_welcometo8.flv 600 450]

Sake, served cold…

…tastes better than when served hot. Though some people may disagree. For the last few days, I’ve been especially down and I think the whole thing with Pete three days ago really sparked the active down-ness. After I read his 2nd post in the forums and after everyone including myself defended ourselves and made it seem like we were ganging up on him, I felt extremely depressed. I knew he was a sensitive guy since from years ago and after that, I knew he was going to take it pretty hard. Then it happened. He left us all. As the [Read More…]

Winning the lottery

Sometimes, I get into the mood of day dreaming about winning the lottery. Anywhere from winning the 50,000,000 dollar LottoMax jackpot to a 100,000 dollar 649/BC49 6 plus bonus number match up. My general fantasy looks like this: $50,000,000 Priority 1: Pay off the house mortgage: $180,000 Priority 2: Pay off my family’s debt: $40,000 Priority 3: Buy my dad a new SUV: $40,000 Left over: $49,740,000 Then it goes like this: 5,000,000: Goes to my brother. 1,000,000: Buy a small piece of land in Schonberg, build a cozy 4 bedroom home there with an art studio and whatever is [Read More…]

Come Undone

Updated Jan 6th, 2012: The old entries have been merged with the new blog, so I don’t have to create two totally different blogs just to contain the old ones. As you have noticed, the entire blog from March 2006 to July 2011 is gone. Well actually, it’s still around. It’s just that it’s no longer searchable by the search engines. I checked the traffic logs earlier and I generated 128,000 unique hits this year so far. Which is a far cry from what generated back in 2007 and 2008 at about 110,000 unique visitors per month. At least this [Read More…]

Infrequent Flying

For first timers and those who fly infrequently, it’s probably quite nerve-wrecking to think about all you need to do to fly around from country to country and back. I’m one of those with flight anxiety, but here is a straight forward guide to traveling by air. It’s actually a lot easier than you think about it in your head. 1) What can you bring? For most national and international flights, you are allowed two carry-on bags in the form of a hand-held sports bag or similar and a medium-sized backpack. Basically, one bag has to be able to fit [Read More…]

I am Hufflepuff

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into? Even though I was thinking more along the lines of Ravenclaw, but according to this test, I was only 2 points off from them. Your in-depth results are: Hufflepuff – 14 Ravenclaw – 12 Gryffindor – 9 Slytherin – 7

*Please Help Alabama*

American Red Cross: CLICK HERE As some of you know, Alabama state in the USA was recently hit with a massive tornado that killed about 350 people and left entire communities homeless, losing everything. The link above goes to a page with five choices. Just choose “Disaster Relief for Countless Crises (e.g. Tornadoes, Spring Floods, Wildfires, etc.)” and click Continue, then go through the procedure accordingly.

We’re held accountable because of society, our friends, our family

Recently some Christian fundie named Margaret Blaine said the following: If the Bible can be discedited then there is no God, It goes to follow, if there is no God we are not accountabl­e to anyone, if we are not accountabl­e to anyone there is not judgment, no punishment­, and we can do whatever the H—we want in this world. Which seems to be what is being done all over the world in 2011! The key words here is that she feels that because there is no god, then that must also mean no human being will feel they need [Read More…]

My stance on abortion

Like all the anti-Obama hate and lying myths the Republicans drummed up, I also happen on anti-abortionists. My stance is simple: I support abortion within the first three weeks after the egg is fertilized. That gives ample time for the mother or the parents to decide whether to go through with the pregnancy or not. Beyond the three weeks, I believe the parents/mother should continue the pregnancy as the organs have already started to form, therefore giving living life to the embryo. Before the 4th week, all it is, is a cluster of living cells – the bastula with no [Read More…]

*Help Japan*

Please help by donating some money to the Canadian Red Cross: CLICK HERE As some of you may know, Japan was hit by an 8.9 magnitude quake that so far has killed over 300 people and 700 others have gone missing. This has caused tsunamis that hit various shores around the Pacific Ocean all the way to California in the USA. The link above goes to the CRC’s Japan relief donation page. If you don’t trust that link, Google “Canadian Red Cross Japan Relief”.