Moving on

For my 34th birthday, I wanted a Cactus Plant and so my brother got me the pot of cacti in the picture above. They wereRead More

Frustrated with coders

In the development world, it’s normally split between four areas: 1. Management 2. Marketing 3. Coders 4. Designers Management handles the whipping. They push peopleRead More

Welcome to 8.0

Welcome to Leemanism 8.0. Here’s a short video about it. March 23rd, 2006 and still going. Amazing eh? That’s almost two months short of sevenRead More

Sake, served cold…

…tastes better than when served hot. Though some people may disagree. For the last few days, I’ve been especially down and I think the wholeRead More

Winning the lottery

Sometimes, I get into the mood of day dreaming about winning the lottery. Anywhere from winning the 50,000,000 dollar LottoMax jackpot to a 100,000 dollarRead More

Come Undone

Updated Jan 6th, 2012: The old entries have been merged with the new blog, so I don’t have to create two totally different blogs justRead More

Infrequent Flying

For first timers and those who fly infrequently, it’s probably quite nerve-wrecking to think about all you need to do to fly around from countryRead More

I am Hufflepuff

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into? Even though I was thinking more along the lines of Ravenclaw, but according to this test, IRead More

My stance on abortion

Like all the anti-Obama hate and lying myths the Republicans drummed up, I also happen on anti-abortionists. My stance is simple: I support abortion withinRead More

*Help Japan*

Please help by donating some money to the Canadian Red Cross: CLICK HERE As some of you may know, Japan was hit by an 8.9Read More

The cake we can’t eat

Men are simple creatures. Some of us may have layers and layers of thoughts that may seem ‘complicated’ for most people, but ultimately, our needsRead More