A Strange Dream, Yet Again…

10:57am Yeah, noticed that time? I barely got any sleep. My eyes are achingly dry. Went downstairs about 30 minutes ago for a full cup of milk. The Port earlier dried me out. I had a dream where I think it started on some river – the Fraser River on a calm day? Early summer evening or late morning? I was looking at a pier and thought that it would be a lot safer and smarter to build it this way – “this” being what I was thinking about while I was dreaming. Then we came closer to another pier [Read More…]

The More It Happens…

1:37am To break out of my religious rants lately and back into Leemanism, I was just thinking throughout the day that there are things that has been stopping the ‘progression’ of certain situations from happening in the last year since I came back from Hong Kong, but before I continue, a tune for you… Tune: “Kishida Shun” From Kakyuusei 2 Drink: Fonseca Bin 27 Port [audio:212-kishida-shun-1.mp3] A couple of nights ago, I received a call at 2 in the morning. The offer was very tempting, and unfortunately, I agreed to it. Fortunately however, considering a circumstance, the action didn’t go [Read More…]

The Man In The Desert

3:41am Tune: “The Man In The Desert” by Yoko Kanno Mood: Feels like I am waiting for something or someone Drink: Fonseca Bin 27 Port [audio:07-the-man-in-the-desert.mp3] Ever had a dream that naturally flows into the transition of waking up, in which the end result is you lying in bed, facing up, looking at the ceiling, but not really looking at anything, with your eyes open, but as if you’ve just finished a very long and engrossing book and you’re thinking about it. Kind of like coming out of the ‘shock’ of an awesome story? I had a dream where I [Read More…]

Glossy Memories

5:15am Tune: “Power of Sound” by Ace I have to wake up at 11am today for work, so I have to keep this short. I’ve been listening to this track on and off for a couple of days now, but I heard it before a few months ago when I was really into Initial D. I recently got back into it, and is in the process of rewatching the Fourth Stage. As I was watching it, and listening to the track, a few ‘memories’ resurfaced. It’s hard to explain, but those ‘memories’ resurfaced with a very subtle hint of the [Read More…]

It’s Been A Long Time

11:30pm It’s been a long time eh? So why? Why Leeman? Why nothing in the last 12 days? The answer is simple. It isn’t because I was busy, though in reality, I should be very busy. It isn’t because I’m seeing/dating anyone, but even if I were, none of you would know, nor would I tell you. It isn’t because games are taking my time away, though I have been having nightmares about Need For Speed Most Wanted, but more on that later. No no. I haven’t been updating because first, there is nothing much to talk about aside from [Read More…]

Air Canada

6:29am [audio:iimd.mp3] [“Island In My Dreams” refluxed by Leeman Cheng in December 7th, 2000] So I just woke up from about 5 hours of sleep from a nightmarish dream… Another one. I travelled to the United States, or what looked like the U.S. with my mom. We went somewhere. It was always sunny when I was lost or looking for my way, but it was always foggy and dim when I was idle. The dream was vivid. I saw every detail, I remember every detail – the fine lines of the many portraits hanging inside the five star hotel. I [Read More…]

Lost That Love And Feeling

9:09am It’s a good song by the Righteous Brothers. Well, mistakes happen and I can’t go back in time to change them, and even if I can repair the damage in the coming future, I can only do so much. Scars and such will always be there. The last couple of days, I’ve been jumping from one project to the next quickly enough that I don’t have enough reserve energy to actually keep me going healthy. So last night, I retired to bed earlier – around 2:30am and slept until around 7:40am, then got out of bed by 8:30am. I [Read More…]

Beyond The Borders

11:52am [“Beyond The Borders” by Elysis] [audio:elysis-beyond_the_borders.mp3] ^^ This tune was made by one of my favorite musicians of the 90’s. It was an on-going inspiration for me to continue with what can be precious to me and my parents. Elysis, amongst others, were the encouraging force that motivated me to get into tracking as a hobby back in the mid 90’s to early millenia. ^^ Another dream to add to my long list of meaningful dreams lately. I have never had a dream like this before, and it disturbs me. The earliest I can remember is being with my [Read More…]

Envy Of My Bro Edmond

4:23am ‘Oddly’, I had another dream this morning where my brother and I were alien agents disguised as humans being lead around a hospital by a round Asian-type man with glasses and a sweater – he looked nerdy. We made sure it looked like a tour, that we were some VIP or something like that. When we got out of the hospital, my brother and I met up with Julia (Laura’s Julia), to celebrate her birthday. My bro drived, and I sat in the back seat, picked her up, went to Bridgepoint (so the old place but still existing today), [Read More…]

Comfortably Numb

3:34am I would like to thank Michelle for linking the music video to Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” on You Tube. I also watched a fan-make of this song: Anyway, the real purpose of this entry was a dream I had this morning/evening. I went to bed around 3pm yesterday and woke up at 2:51am this morning. I haven’t entered any dream journals for awhile now, but this one seems to be quite meaningful. I may leave some things out as they are too sensitive and/or I don’t remember enough of. [Read More…]

Sex, Just Add Water

4:02pm [“Traces” by Enigma] [audio:traces.mp3] Just came home from my client’s place. What a fun 4 hours! Weee! [sobs] There was actually another entry before this that I submitted. It was a long one, but after about an hour, I decided to take it offline. There were way too much stuff in there that I found uncomfortable to release to the public. I even added the usual password to it, but decided that certain readers may be way too suspicious about stuff. Mind you, I have to say that if they at all suspected, it would be all in their [Read More…]

Coal & Diamond

11:08am Just got up from a 7 hour sleep. Not bad. I have to complete the working version of my client’s web site today though. [sigh] Another dream… I dreamt I was with 3 friends that I met through Patrick, one of them being Francis. We all agreed to drive vans separately to some location. The first two guys successfully drove to their destinations while me and this other guy made some wrong turns, but did eventually make it as well. Upon parking at a industrial centre of sorts, the view switched to birds-eye-view like an isometric video role playing [Read More…]

Riches To Rags To Moderation

2:56pm [“Ligaya” by Gouryella] Last night, I had a dream where I walked around my old neighborhood and around my old elementary school at Mitchell. It was slightly different than in real life. The air was cool and the environment was quiet. I remember I was walking around, looking at various buildings and reminiscing on old emotions. Then I came across an Automated Teller Machine and saw myself from the back. I had a collage of scenes come and go while I watched myself in front of the ATM. [“Ocean Blue (Remix)” by Doublestar Project] The images were of myself [Read More…]

Evil Meow

11:24pm [“Take A Little Hand” by Gabriela Robin] [audio:talh.mp3] I waited until now to enter this rather disturbing dream I had this morning. Sometimes, I dream about really grotesque things, but as most of my dreams are metaphoric in nature, even dreams about being haunted by a ghost of sort is normal to me. However, I was wondering why I had this dream of my ex… I do not remember the fine details, but I was at home – like this home, but everything was spacier – the house was bigger, my room was bigger and I had different furniture [Read More…]

Warre’s Warrior Special Reserve

10:25pm [“Somewhere In The Silence” by Ilaria Graziano] Ever since I stumbled on Warre’s Warrior Port back in late 2000, I’ve taken an explicit liking to this elixir. Back in the day, it was one bottle of Port per week. Nowadays, it’s a bottle of Port per season – maybe. I remember when I was in my mid teens, taking my first dose of beer – wow, was that gross. I thought, “How could people drink stuff that taste like pee?!?!” Yes, you’ve guessed it! I’ve tasted pee before. Not my own per se. More like walked into a public [Read More…]

I Guess…

…it was never meant to be. I think, if this was anybody else, they would have been super pissed off. ‘Oddly’, maybe Heaven does really object to ‘this’. Maybe, whatever CT there might be, is hindering my ‘progression’. How convenient to have lost everything by a ‘slight’ click of the mouse button. How convenient indeed. [chuckles] Fine then. I’ll keep it to myself until one day, someone who actually wants to know, will know. Unless of course, you get to me first you f**king bastard whores! To my readers: don’t mind me. I didn’t lose my mind. If you don’t [Read More…]

My Desire To Rescue Her From My Dream

8:18pm …so I can try to rescue her this time. [“Yearning” – Mono] Yes, the dream has been bugging me. You know… Now thinking back on the dream, even though Cindy was a total bitch and a 2-two face immoral semi-slut in real life, in my dream, I wish that whatever force powered my dream, that it took Cindy away from there, just take her to shore at least so she can walk home or something. I rather it was I who got stuck in there. I cannot never imagine anyone being left behind, except for myself. Everyone in the [Read More…]