Glossy Memories

5:15am Tune: “Power of Sound” by Ace I have to wake up at 11am today for work, so I have to keep this short. I’veRead More

Air Canada

6:29am [audio:iimd.mp3] [“Island In My Dreams” refluxed by Leeman Cheng in December 7th, 2000] So I just woke up from about 5 hours of sleepRead More

Beyond The Borders

11:52am [“Beyond The Borders” by Elysis] [audio:elysis-beyond_the_borders.mp3] ^^ This tune was made by one of my favorite musicians of the 90’s. It was an on-goingRead More

Envy Of My Bro Edmond

4:23am ‘Oddly’, I had another dream this morning where my brother and I were alien agents disguised as humans being lead around a hospital byRead More

Comfortably Numb

3:34am I would like to thank Michelle for linking the music video to Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” on You Tube. I also watched a fan-makeRead More

Sex, Just Add Water

4:02pm [“Traces” by Enigma] [audio:traces.mp3] Just came home from my client’s place. What a fun 4 hours! Weee! [sobs] There was actually another entry beforeRead More

Coal & Diamond

11:08am Just got up from a 7 hour sleep. Not bad. I have to complete the working version of my client’s web site today though.Read More

Evil Meow

11:24pm [“Take A Little Hand” by Gabriela Robin] [audio:talh.mp3] I waited until now to enter this rather disturbing dream I had this morning. Sometimes, IRead More

I Guess…

…it was never meant to be. I think, if this was anybody else, they would have been super pissed off. ‘Oddly’, maybe Heaven does reallyRead More