Not done yet

When I was young, a child, the view I saw was the Cypress Mountain amidst a sky of blue. I always associated that blue withRead More

Another step closer

Earlier today, Amber went to the post office and sent the Immigration Application to Mississauga in Ontario. It cost about 52 Euros for a PremiumRead More

Mah Mee Ya

“Mah Mee Ya” is what I call my mom. Sometimes, I call her “Mah Mee”, but I normally don’t because it sounds a bit childishRead More

Far and wide

The emphasize here is that I enjoyed my time at Calgary with Uncle Dick and Jason back at the end of February 2014. Somewhere insideRead More


I do not know when I first heard fireworks, but I can remember it was 1989, December 31st, near midnight and I looked out myRead More

The Grudge

You might not realize this but that image above is the anime version of the girl in The Grudge. I don’t care what you say.Read More

Falling in love

Temptation is a huge nuisance, even though it is also used as a driving point to achieve goals. Something reminds me constantly that no matterRead More

Counting out

I find myself catching the calendar dates every now and then. I think to myself: “Two weeks ago today, I left Germany and have arrivedRead More