Is Islam the main inspiration for extremism and terrorism in Europe?

From time to time, I debate with various people on the Islamization of Europe. Today, I read a post by Graham Brown in which he basically said that Islam has been around for centuries in one form and another. That basically, it’s absurd to think that Islam is a modern invention out to invade Europe. He also pointed out that extremism and religion may share the same table, but Islam is not the cause of extremism in Europe by groups of Muslims. Another member, Ronald Ihot made a challenge to draw up a parody of Muhammed and see what will [Read More…]

Why can’t some people accept that I don’t want to be around gay men?

This question was asked on Quora and garnered 25 responses at the time I read it. While others already had great answers, I thought I could also chime in. In one of your comments to Andrew Weil’s answer, you mentioned that you did no insulting, yet other people get uppity when you’re absent from such events (your girlfriend goes to?). You asked why people simply don’t understand that you just don’t want to be around gay men. Well, your thought process is on the same wave length as someone who is not comfortable sitting next to a black man, a [Read More…]

Why is it so difficult for me to make friends?

This answer was originally posted on Quora. While my answer here may be a bit long winded and not straight to the point, I wanted to give the OP a broader idea why and how friendship is created. Mind you, this is advice given to someone who is seeking friendships and not for people who have a solid character. This is half dependent on what your personality is like, how you communicate, what your expectations are, your environment and how far you are willing to go for those friendships. For some, communication, expectation, willingness are a natural part of their [Read More…]