Happy 9th!

The Chinese count the day you’re born as your first year and not as day zero. The reason has to do with your time beingRead More

The real patriot

Last Monday, I went in for my follow up after my gallbladder removal surgery four weeks prior. While waiting at the office of the specialistRead More


1945 August 15th was the day Emperor Hirohito of Imperial Japan officially surrendered and Hong Kong was liberated. 1946 was the year my dad wasRead More

Too good for me

Someone said somewhere that if you tell yourself something enough times, your brain will believe it eventually. Meaning, you can lie to it as muchRead More

Moving on

For my 34th birthday, I wanted a Cactus Plant and so my brother got me the pot of cacti in the picture above. They wereRead More


I struggle with depression. At the moment, I am testing my resolve and limits by not taking my needed monthly injection. I will next weekRead More

Back in the day

The net is a wonderful invention. It is one nation, fragmented only by the connection you have with it. No one person nor company orRead More


I was never good at chess, though I would like to think I know more than just the mechanics. I played games against others whereRead More

My legacy

My mom and dad will be going back to Hong Kong next Tuesday to attend the burial ceremony for my G-ma who passed away twoRead More

Beyond me

I fell asleep on a late night train I missed my stop and I went round again Why would I wanna see you now? ToRead More