Words of encouragement

Tune: “Stall Out” by Mutemath Drink: Bombay Sapphire Gin Mood: Upset, but holding it together quite calmly [audio:stallout_mm.mp3] Patrick often puts up motivational quotes onRead More

Where the wind takes me

Tune: “Sun + Moon = Tomorrow” by Ivana Santilli Drink: Bombay Sapphire Gin Mood: Worried but calm [audio:Ivana-Santilli_Sun-Moon-Tomorrow.mp3] Lately, I’ve been getting glimpses of longRead More

Simple Bread

Tune: “La Joie De La Vie (Paronator Mix)” by Denis Melody Shohina Drink: Oasis Orange Juice Mood: A bit tired [audio:LJDLV_paronatorremix.mp3] There are parts ofRead More

I once was there

One of the things I enjoy doing is reminiscent on places I’ve been in the past by looking at that place from a different place.Read More

The Last Few Steps

3:17am [“Kirara” by Eitetsu Hayashi & Kaoru Wada] This song doesn’t really suit my mood at the moment, but I put it on to helpRead More

A Whiter Shade Of Pale

2:40am (Listening “Free” by Sarah Brightman) This weekend was extra extra slow for some reason. The two weeks before that was zooming fast. Then itRead More

Before I Go To Bed

2:46am (Listening to a song by Andy Lau – still don’t know the name to it damn it) WinRar finally finished compressing and splitting Cindy’sRead More


1:59am (Playing “The Tune” by Url) Yumminess! I’m having my nightly dose of a shot and a half of Malibu and some sort of citrusRead More

Summer In June

2:42am Since I was hoping to get some leads on Virginia’s new contact info, I loaded up some super old emails from 1998 to 2002.Read More

Tea Girl

10:10pm Came back from work around 5:27pm. My dad loves to stay within the speed limit, which is a good thing. It takes him aboutRead More

Cindy The Fox

I was just going through some of her things when my mind drifted to last last Friday night… Then I became really angry, because… Yes,Read More

Being Played

Ah, now I get it… Yeah I’m slow. I was thinking (not actively) about how Cindy was treating me and came to the conclusion thatRead More