My wife is coming here for the first time!

I’ve been keeping this a secret from most of my friends and family members since Amber got her immigration approved by CIC. Back in January, when she got her Confirmation for PR letter, we immediately booked her flight. Since then, I’ve had a lot of stress and anxiety due to the many setbacks we’ve faced in our lives individually. However, her early morning, she was able to board the plane from Hamburg, Germany to Munich, then from Munich to Vancouver. Right now, it’s 3pm. She is arriving at 5pm. That’s TWO HOURS!!! In three-ish hours, we will be in each [Read More…]

Getting Married In Germany

The process to get married in a foreign country can be a long and painfully stressful one. As a Canadian citizen getting married in Germany, I must prove I am single, I am Canadian, that the Canadian government does not object to my marriage, that all of my documents are legit and through all of this, there will be some steps in there that make absolutely no sense, but government red tape often puts its own citizens in loops. The following are all the steps I took. A) A letter stating you do not need a Certificate of non-impediment to [Read More…]

My second adventure in Germany

Instead of typing up a day by day journal of my second trip in Germany, I will summarize it by saying that it was my most memorable experience so far and I am extremely grateful to Uncle Dick for his generosity and gift to bring me to Germany again. His son Patrick was my best man. Patrick and I have been friends since 1987. I was nervous asking him to be my best man earlier this year, but when he accepted, I felt so relieved. Patrick was always someone who helped me with my travel phobia. When I am traveling [Read More…]

My first adventure in Germany

Day Zero, April 6th: Departure Uncle Dick told me the night previous that I should sleep early and try to get a few hours in before our flight. I ended up taking a 30 minute nap because my sleeping pattern was already messed up for weeks prior. Francis was already at the airport by the time I started getting ready. My dad and I went to pick up Uncle Dick, then dropped us off at the airport. It was 5:00am. We checked in for a domestic flight to Toronto. We had to wait about two hours before the flight and [Read More…]

How we started

The anticipation of the 2010 Olympics coming to Vancouver was exciting for most Canadians nation wide. I was one of them. 2009 saw a lot of decorative and structural changes throughout the cities here in the Lower Mainland. It was really nice to see so much world wide coverage in this tiny but growing city I live in. We held the Speed Skating events in the Richmond Olympic Oval. Unfortunately, by the time the events started, I was on the Carnival Dream cruise ship sailing somewhere in the Caribbean, sitting in my cabin with Patrick watching the Olympics play out [Read More…]

Our Adventure

Hi everyone… It’s Lee here. Welcome to I am creating this blog with my fiance whom I proposed to just about a week prior to this blog post in Germany. Unfortunately, I am back in Richmond, about 8000 km’s from my love. This web site documents the journey that we both chose to start together with all the lows and highs in its wake. I hope people around the world would enjoy the stories we share here with you and maybe in the process, help you through your own situations. Thank you. Lee