7 thoughts on “Last Bit On Clinton

  1. Ariel

    I know I was a bit vulgar,but thats the first thing you think about when you hear Bill Clinton’s name.Slap my wrists.

  2. Li

    Vulgar is good. It keeps things going… And going… 8]

    Anyway, I was wondering about you – what you’ve been up to, etc, that’s why I wanted to email you. Then you POOFED and appeared… 8]

    With the ways things are going, I wonder who will come into power in the next term for the USA. (Continued HERE)

  3. Li

    Actually that would be a nice change. Have anyone seen Commander In Chief? It’s about a woman U.S. president that my ex introduced to me way way way back… Good show. Can’t wait until the next season! 8]


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