To celebrate this moment of randomness, I would like to present two pictures of Spongey. Anyone would like to agree to COGNAC OVER TEA?!?!?!

Not that it has anything to do with Spongey or Sponge or Sponge Cake…




Ah I can just ‘hear’ her now… “LI!!!!”

Eh? What? What? [wink]



2 Replies to “Sponges

  1. hahaha… that sponge in the middle actually looks like Captain Crunch or some cereal… *mmm cereal*. Speaking of cereal, today I was looking forward to a delicious bowl of honey nut cheerios when the milk I poured out came out thick and chunky! Blah!! It wasn’t even supposed to be due until Sept 23!! GRRRR somebody’s head’s gonna roll…

  2. Honey nuts… Indeed… Was that REALLY thick chunky milk on honey nuts? Was it really?

    Time to go kick someone’s honey nuts!

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