One last entry about Gary Rocco, that I mentioned in my previous blog post. I tried to give him a fair ‘trial’ of sorts and read his list of answers in his profile. Basically, I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, as he seemingly looks delusional in his anti-Leftist rants. Basically someone who goes around in circles trying to demean the views of others, but not really ever citing evidence for it. Personal opinion asserted as evidence is not evidence. Unfortunately, he is as such throughout most of his answers, and uses such words as ‘Leftwingnuts’ or ‘Lefties’ or ‘Leftists’ frequently. Mind you, while I disagreed with almost all of his answers, I did not once downvote any of them. In fact, I even upvoted a few of his more sensible answers. Which I had to say was awkward because I kept thinking, how can some of his answers be so sensible, yet the majority of his thought process so twisted?

Now, the reason I am posting this blog entry is because of a couple of answers he posted, I deemed hilariously paradoxical, even if Gary himself did not and would not see it as such. Here is a screen capture of it.

As you can see, in the top answer to the question “How important is it to have a sense of perspective?“, he answered that true perspective is important and not a sense of perspective. However, in the immediate previous answer he posted for the question “What do you say when you have nothing on your mind?“, he answered that all one has to do is read the blabber of “Lefties” being essentially brain dead.

What is tremendously funny about these two answers being side by side, is that his statement, “…which can be utterly false, self deceiving, injurious , even fatal.” is a paradoxical reflection of his extreme bias on people who are politically left of his views. He is essentially saying his extreme biased views are correct, even though it’s clear that his extreme biased views hold a perspective only sensible to himself.


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