My wife is coming here for the first time!

I’ve been keeping this a secret from most of my friends and family members since Amber got her immigration approved by CIC. Back in January, when she got her Confirmation for PR letter, we immediately booked her flight. Since then, I’ve had a lot of stress and anxiety due to the many setbacks we’ve faced in our lives individually. However, her early morning, she was able to board the plane from Hamburg, Germany to Munich, then from Munich to Vancouver. Right now, it’s 3pm. She is arriving at 5pm. That’s TWO HOURS!!! In three-ish hours, we will be in each others arms! In Four-ish hours, she will be home here!



I am emotionally conservative when I express feelings of despair, sadness and even happiness, but I laugh more than anything. So regardless of how I look on the outside, I feel like a cocoon, that my body is like a bubble. The ‘outside world’, the world around me is moving at normal speed, while the world inside of me is moving at near light speed. That it’s near dizzying and it’s exciting, but worrying at the same time. Like inside of me, a lot of things are going on, that when peering out into the world, life around me is being perceived as nearly coming to a halt. That’s how I feel about all of this. As the minutes get closer to her landing and being in each others arms again, the layers holding this bubble together sheds away and then the energy would explode outward!

*This video is posted on my own Youtube channel here:, but would like to share it on our PapierLoveStory site as well. ^_^

6 thoughts on “My wife is coming here for the first time!

  1. Lonny

    I am so happy for you, possum. Haven’t heard from you for a while and suddenly I wanted to check. Then I come across this amazing news! After all this time. I admire how you two survive and make it this far. :)

    1. Lee

      Thank you! Reason I suddenly disappeared is because a long series of unfortunate events happened along the way. One of which, a recent event, my van got stolen. I will be posting some updates soon and when I find some stress-free time, will send you an email. ^_^

      1. Lonny

        Oh wow, I am sorry to hear about the van (any chance it can be tracked?) and other unfortunate events. Everything’s okay now? How’s Amber’s doing? Take all the time you need, updates and email can wait.

        1. Amber

          Hi Lonny =)
          I am doing well, thank you for asking. The first weeks have been very exciting. An updating post about that will be posted soon.
          Unfortunately the van seems to be gone forever. However, my parents-in-law have a new car by now and my husband can take me to places around town again. ^_^

          1. Lonny

            Hello Amber. Glad to hear you’re doing well and that the first weeks have been that exciting. Seems like you can adapt quickly there. What do you think about Richmond/Vancouver? :)
            Ouch, sorry about the van. :(

  2. Amber

    I adapted quite quickly, yes ^_^ I will make a post about my first 6 weeks here and how I like this place. I can tell you though that Richmond is very nice.

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