Context Damn You

All of my blog posts contain things that often do not explain context and meaning behind certain usage of terms and words. That’s because I don’t want to keep explaining the same things repeatedly. However, since this is the case, a lot of things can be taken out of context, then all hell breaks loose until I can rectify things again. Below are the terms and labels I use throughout my blog.


001. Unlikely Conversations
002. Molestation
003. Implied Consent
004. “I really like her” and the word “Relationship”


001. Unlikely Conversations

Also known as “Conversations That Could-Have Happened”.

These conversations could have happened based on events in the past that would have otherwise permitted that conversation to happen. The reason why these conversations never happened is mainly due to me chickening out, or something that pissed my love interest off, or tickled my fuck buddy the wrong way during the right moments with the wrong actions. So blog posts published under this category give me an outlet to fantasize about the “What if…” factor of those situations in the past, leading up to present times, if those events went the way they should have went.

Another reason why these conversations never happened is because the situation contradicted the normal personalities of the people involved. For example, during an instance, a friend who is usually blunt and honest, became soft and vague.

002. Molestation

Also known as “fondling”, “touching”, “caressing”, and “molaging (molest+massage)”.

This is touching intimately, sexually with consent or implied consent. I prefer to call it molestation because it has a nice ring to it. Plus, molesting boobies look better in my head than touching boobies, which feel so amateurish.

003. Implied Consent

Implied consent happens between people whom have given direct physical gestures and/or indirect verbal communication to allow them to be touched, without outright directly asking and answering for permission. This only happens when those involved are dynamically attuned to the mood of the moment. This doesn’t happen when people are guessing and wondering if this is what the other person really wants. In other words, if you’re daft and have a history of making the wrong moves or getting kicked in the nuts for something inappropriate, then don’t rely on “implied consent”.

Example of Implied Consent: On my bed, Cindy curled up against me, while I hugged her from behind. She pushes her round firm ass against my crotch and takes my hand, then kisses each of my fingers. She then opens her lips and sticks her tongue out, licking my fingers seductively.

In this case, it’s safe to say we’re going to have some naughty fun. If not, she will say it to me. We did end up having a fuckfest that evening though.

Example of NOT Implied Consent: Sandy is a very friendly woman. She’s bubbly, squeaky, playful, and full of energy. She’s pretty and she wears things with a lot of cleavage. She’s always positive and likes to cheer people up. Bob often visits her store and chats up to her. On many occasions, Sandy has told Bob that he is very handsome and gives him optimistic comments, because he seems sad all of the time. One day, Bob asks Sandy out to thank her for being such a nice person. After dinner, she invites him inside her home. Bob thought this was an invitation for sex. So inside, right through the door, Bob kisses Sandy, picks her up and carries her into the bedroom. He tears Sandy’s clothes off in a raging boner-moment. As Bob was about to penetrate Sandy, Sandy screams and yells and punches Bob. Bob stops abruptly and screams out, “What?! What’s the matter?!” Sandy in a fit of tears cry out, “What are you doing?! GET OUT! GET OUT!”

It’s quite safe to say that Bob was too dimwitted to see the sincere friendly nature of Sandy and assumed Sandy had the hots for him. Bob might have also thought Sandy was easy because she wore stuff that revealed her lovely boobies, but Bob thought wrong on all accounts. Sandy might be easy, but that doesn’t mean Sandy was easy for Bob. It means Sandy might be easy towards someone she has the hots for. Also, just because someone is friendly towards you, it doesn’t mean they like you beyond a platonic reason. Don’t be like Bob.

004. “I really like her” and the word “Relationship”

“I really like her” is also known as adoring her, love her, feel incredible gratitude, cherish her, admire her, so on and so forth. The word “relationship” just means having a connection of a specific type.

This is not necessarily romantic, nor intimate, nor sexual. It could literally be various shades of platonic. Indeed, coming from me, there is always some degree of attraction, but this is specifically neither here or there. If I like my friend for more than just a friend, you can bet your ass I will say it. So within this context, I like ‘her’ a lot because she is likeable.

We have a relationship, because we have a connection, whether that be platonic, romantic, intimate, work-partners, or otherwise.

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