I’ve grown to enjoy Instagram for the most part, except the comment area. Then again, who in their right mind would scroll down to look at comments anyway? [raises hand excitedly] Yes, sometimes I am a fool.

I use two Instagram accounts. One for family-related stuff and other, personal-related stuff. For my personal-related stuff account, I enjoy looking at pictures of beautiful, sexy, horny, cute, chubby, fit, shy, exciting, confident, hot, yummy women. I also follow a few male cosplayers like Leonchiro and some art-related pages as well.

So anyway, specific to the topic of this post, a lot of men get context and attitude wrong about women. They expect that just because a woman posts up naked pictures of herself, she automatically consents to lewd nasty comments from men. The problem with this mentality is two fold. The first is that these men think of women has one hive mind collective. The second is that they believe when someone expresses themselves suggestively, it must also mean those women enjoy suggestive commentary.

No, because they are not all of the same mind. They’re all individuals. Just because they post up pictures of themselves with suggestive tones, it doesn’t mean they give you consent to treat them how you want to treat them. So by default, you should treat everyone with mutual neutral regard, until otherwise noted. If that wasn’t clear enough, I’ll give you some examples.


@Serbian_Queen23, also known as Apex Suicide, is a Suicide Girl and does porn. She’s very playful, very intelligent, sentimental, down-to-earth, helpful, and sexual of course. When she says things like, “Yummy”, you can be sure, you’re pretty safe to comment along the same wavelength and she would not mind.

labellatl labellatl

In another example, @labellatl (Lisa Bell) which is another IG model I follow is one of the fittest, one of the most refined, one of the most beautiful women on the planet. I mean, I absolutely love the way Serbian_Queen23 looks. She is totally my type by concept. However, that doesn’t mean I cannot look past my bias and see other individuals for how they are and how they came to be. However, that’s actually besides the point.

My point is, even though Ms. Bell posts up pictures of herself wearing 6 inch high heels, which many porn stars and strippers wear, and she posts up pictures of herself wearing see through dresses with a teeny weeny bikini underneath, no where in any of her pictures does she describe herself as “yummy”, or “delicious”, or “I’m horny”. If you actually take one second to look at the descriptions of her photos, she posts up things about her fitness, her exercises, the foods she eats, how she feels about feeling healthy and beautiful. So in short, for Ms. Bell, you definitely should not tell her that she’s “delicious” or things like, “You are definitely a MILF!” Ms. Bell did NOT at any time give anyone the consent, nor idea that she’s into any of that. The way she expresses herself, while having sexual undertones, ultimately comes down to what she says in her photos about herself and how she says them. So you can be certain that you should only comment on her photos on that same wavelength.

It’s totally fine to compliment her looks and most likely, she won’t respond to any of those. If you compliment her style, her fitness, her hard work getting to where she is in health and fitness, she might notice it and like your comment. Based on her mood of the day, she might even respond positively to it.

Chillwildlife1973 Chillwildlife1973

@Chillwildlife1973 (Lorelei S) is another IG model I follow. Lorelei is more openly sexual and way less inclined to hammer down on you, if you make lewd comments on her photos. In fact, it seems like she likes it when you make lewd comments on her photos. So you can be sure you can comment things like, “I would love to eat your pussy out” and things like, “You’re definitely one hot cougar I would love to fuck”, and Lorelei will most likely not hammer down on you for them. She would however, more likely to respond to less expressive, less sexually-charged comments like, “You’re gorgeous!” and “You rile up great excitement in me!”

So what’s the difference between Chillwildlife1973, Serbian_Queen23 and Labellatl? They are three different people, with different attitudes and behaviours. All you have to do is read what they’re about, how they express themselves verbally/literally and comment if you so wish, along those same wavelengths. Most people wouldn’t mind you telling them how beautiful, how pretty, how gorgeous they are. Some people wouldn’t mind you telling them how horny they make you feel. A select few wouldn’t mind you telling them what you want to do to their bodies, sexually. It really comes down to very basic perception. Instead of treating all women on Instagram the exact same way, you should treat each woman as they wish to be treated, based on the things they say on their own profiles and photos.

It’s truly not that difficult.

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