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Anti-Woke Contradiction Amongst Minorities

So my friend sent me an article titled “Woke is Marxism reimagined to decimate the West”. It was originally shared by an East-Indian ethnic American who identified himself as anti-communist and of course, anti-woke. I immediately sent her this emoji Rolling on the Floor Laughing on Apple iOS 16.4 as a response. Then right after, I sent her this…

Why? Because she is Christian AND she is Chinese. Why do these two things matter? It matters because a lot of people who make fun of being woke, really have absolutely no clue what being woke means. I laughed my ass off when of all people, SHE sent it.

Imagine worshipping Jesus for the majority of your life, then turn around and say how being woke is evil? Crazy right? If Jesus is alive today, he would do a smack down on every single anti-woke person on the planet, including most Christians.

What’s further crazy about all of this, is that my friend who sent me that article has a relative that authored “Escape to Gold Mountain“, a graphic novel educating people his family’s history and the history of how Chinese people were mistreated during Canada’s confederacy. That is one of many literal definitions of wokeness. Would my friend call out her own uncle, David Wong for being woke, because he had a strong desire to retell how Chinese were being racially discriminated? I truly hope not, and I hope that whatever was going through her head at the time of her sending me that article, she sent it solely due to a desire to ask what I think about it, rather than actually try to preach anti-wokeness. The problem furthering that, is I notice a pattern of her being strongly misinformed, believing in the words of right-wing websites like The Blaze, and the words of her parents who are supporters of Trump. Considering she’s an educator herself, who loves languages and is otherwise, quite liberal, I find that she allows herself the major sway of ultra-right wing media over the last few years starting with Hillary Clinton, then President Obama, and later, President Biden, ending with the thought process, “Who should I really believe?”

The answer is simple. Do your research and you will see a pattern of behaviour in context of what those people have done. Trump has been convicted of 34 felonies. During his entire time as president, he constantly bashed and called out President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and President Biden, as well as the voting machine fraud that never existed. Dominion’s lawsuit proved that. In fact, Fox News literally lied about everything and it has been documented. All of these things has been documented, yet these Trump supporters still believe in Trump. That’s the crazy thing.

What is further incredulous, is that when a Trump supporter was confronted about what it means to be woke, that Trump supporter said it’s about being anti-white.

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I work with someone who is anti-woke, and he’s Chinese and is a Trump supporter. I still find it super odd there exist Chinese Trump supporters. It’s like they renounce their ethnicity and force themselves to become ‘white’.  Also, when another Trump supporter was confronted about why they were against CRT (critical race theory), they didn’t have much to say except, “It’s bad for everyone. It teaches marxism.”

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Guess what? For my fellow Canadians, do you remember Historica Canada and Heritage Minutes? That’s CRT. That’s literally CRT! The first episode of Heritage Minutes came out in 1991. Basically, it’s one minute of Canada’s history compressed and focused on the subject matter. Various episodes talk about race discrimination, women’s rights, unions, the war of 1812, important moments, etc. Canada has been woke since 1991. Besides the occasional racist and ultra-far-right-winger, no one else had ever complained about the Heritage Minutes. Can the Heritage Minutes improve? Of course. Once something happens, that something can always improve. Just like our Universal Health Care. We have it, it’s not the greatest, but it works and it can be improved!

In high school, Canadian school children are taught about World War 2 and the Japanese Internment Camps. That’s woke. That’s literally CRT.

Also in school, starting with elementary school, Canadians are taught about the First Nations and Inuit. That’s woke. That’s CRT!

Anyway, the far-right-wingers are trying to ‘educate’ people that being woke is Marxist, but 99.9999% of all of the people I’ve come across online and in person, has never ever been able to tell me what Marxism is and why it’s bad. They just say, “Communism is evil. Herp Derp. Feminism is Marxist!” Funny right? Yet, female right-winger anti-woke anti-Marxists exist. I’m not saying my friend who sent me that article is a right-winger, but she certainly has a lot of right-winger friends and family members who send her all sorts of things. She is probably a right-winger-in-denial. Which is crazy, because any woman who votes in elections, have a role in being an educator, as well as bring income into their household are all a result of feminism. Without feminism, my friend would be a stay-at-home mom and no input on what government should be.

If some members of the liberal movement are using wokeness for their political agendas, that’s something else. That’s social alchemy. Right-wingers like Trump are NOT conservative. They are Fascists, but no one on the right-wing side of politics are calling these fascists out right. Only the left-wingers are calling them out. So at the end of the day, while there may be elements of Marxism in being woke, there are also elements of Fascism being anti-woke. Are you on the side of the Allies who fought against Fascism during World War 2, or are you on the side of the Axis who fought against the freedom to choose what you want to be, and become a sole dictator in what you have to be?

My last thought on all of this, is that CRT has existed throughout the world in varying forms for a long time. The only reason why this blew up, is because of the ultra-right-wingers in the USA. They’re against feminism (women shouldn’t vote, or run for office, or teach, be able to have their own bank accounts, work in whatever field they want), pro-force-birth, pro-rape/incest (Joel Koskan, Robert Regan), against the teaching of racial discrimination in history, against basically everything that is humane. So if you’re a woman, stay home, put on that apron and be sure NOT to think for yourself. If you disagree with those things here, then I dare say, why in the nine cat hells are you a Republican that support Trump?!

The only reason anyone is anti-woke, is either they are utterly ignorant of what CRT and woke is, -OR- they are ultra-right wing fascists who wish to dictate your entire life into one specific way of life, using Marxism to try to inject fear into people’s easily docile minds.

[Black/Chinese/Other people exist]

People on the left: “Yes they do.”


Minorities that support Trump: “LIBERALS ARE BAD. TRUMP FIGHTS FOR US!”

Yeah right. Trump is the only president in the entirety of the presidential line that fights for himself and his pockets. If Liberals are that bad, then as a woman own up to that belief by NOT voting, NOT voicing your opinions, NOT working, NOT joining the military. All of these things are the result of feminism -AKA- in your own words, “Marxism Communism Tyranny”.

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3 thoughts on “Anti-Woke Contradiction Amongst Minorities

  1. I agree, it’s important to do research and understand the context before forming an opinion. Misinformation can easily skew our understanding of complex issues.

  2. The way some people label everything they disagree with as ‘Marxism’ is concerning. It shows a lack of understanding and critical thinking.

  3. I never understood why some people who have personally benefited from the principles of being woke would criticize it. It seems contradictory.

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