Bill Clinton’s Cigar

I actually liked Bill Clinton as the American President. His ideals were sound and not overly egotistical. He was a charming man with strong leadership skills. Damn conservatives!

And as Onkel Andy said,

So Clinton lied about his personal life… How does that affect his abilities as a president? Is it a strange concept for some ppl that if a man is caught in a lie his wife will make the rest of his life a living .. neighbour to hell? Nah, ANY man would have lie if they’d actually sunk to that level personaly. I’m pretty sure Joe the grinder boy would have lost no proffesionaly skills after sleeping with his coworker. Clinton is just smart, we give courtesy slack to smart ppl.


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2006-09-26 5:45 pm

Firstly: Nice top banner. Northern lights looking thing with the Pagoda’s and the little pic of that dude from Samurai Shamploo….at least I think that’s who it is. Probly wrong. But anyway, looks awesome. Love your skills dude.

Secondly: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn~! I never would have given Clinton credit for being that smart. I am shocked. I must say that my respect for the man has just sky rocketed.

2006-09-26 5:47 pm

Firstly, thank you… The aurora in the background came from one of Kagaya’s pictures. The temples were taken from somewhere else and redrawn. The little dude is in fact the crazy guy from SC – great anime BTW… 8]

Secondly, I concur. 8]

Fong Pei
Fong Pei
2006-09-26 9:23 pm

Fox news is the biggest joke in the world….its like the National Enquirer on TV….hell, I think Soap operas do a better job at educating my about the world’s happenings than Fox News does. Watch CTV, CNN, CBC, etc etc and then watch Fox news….its quite comical to see Fox compared to more reputable news stations. Bill Clinton was a great President, one of the best is this Era….for the longest time, I felt like no one else knew that except me….I would say it all the time and all I’d get back is blank looks…. America’s economy was in… Read more »

2006-09-29 1:05 pm

With the ways things are going, I wonder who will come into power in the next term for the USA. It’s scary to think that we have such terrible leaders just across the border from us. Then again, we have some terrible leaders in Canada as well, but at the very least, Harper and the rest of the MP’s are pretty much powerless – aside from spending our money, and making ’successful’ faux pas ‘deals’ with the US, our govt suck dog crap. Guess what? Surprise surprise… Southern Evangelists still support Bush and his terror war on ‘terror’… They might… Read more »