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EA Games DRM

As I started working years ago and earning my buck, I started looking into buying PC games online and at stores like Future Shop and Best Buy. I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I do love games from time to time.

EA Games introduced DRM into some of their games and will continue to do so in all of their future titles. Now, there are two types of DRM. 1) Code-based, unlimited installations and 2) Online registration based, up to 3 or 5 installations.

Many games I’ve played in the past required a code-based installation. I owned one game that allowed up to 3 installations. That was Bioshock which I didn’t know beforehand.

According to EA Games, somehow they did a poll and found out that a very limited number of people install their games more than once and most gamers, install their games only once. I don’t know how many people they polled, but I am sure if it’s not at least 100 million gamers, then the poll is too inaccurate and biased.

For as long as I’ve owned a copy of Fallout 2 on CD, I’ve installed it more than half a dozen times over five computers I’ve owned in the last ten years. That obviously goes against EA Games’ poll on game installations.

I used to own The Sims 2 Deluxe until I saw an ad in 2008 that The Sims 3 would be in the works. So I sold that along with a few expansions on EBay.

Today, I read on various forums that EA Games may integrate their limited installation DRM system on The Sims 3. That is disappointing.

What these gaming companies don’t understand, is that gamers like me would rather fork out $50 to buy an awesome game and own the originals, than to go download 8 gigs off a pirated link. Since limited installation based DRM will be integrated into future titles, this turn off buyers from buying their games. If I had the patience to download a pirated version, I probably would, instead of spending $50 on a game that I can play only up to 3 times.

I don’t know how many times my prior computer have crashed on me, but I had to re-install The Sims 2 on it at least twice. Since buying my new Quad Core, that would have been a third time. I wouldn’t be happy if now I have to go spend another $50, just to play one of my favorite games that I already own.

DRM doesn’t stop pirating, but you know what? DRM DOES promote pirating. However, according to Gamasutra, The Sims 3 is going to be limited-installation DRM free and only code-based. That is great news. I’m also hoping Bioshock 2 would be LI-DRM free, but I doubt it. Too bad, cuz I would have pre-ordered Bioshock 2 for such a fantastic Bioshock 1.

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