Yesterday, I did two things that I wouldn’t thought I would do in my 40’s, let alone in my 30’s and 20’s. I read nine chapters of a book titled “Barefoot Seasons” by Susan Mallery. It’s a ‘chick-lit’. It’s about two women who grew up as best friends, parted ways, then came back together again through hardships of their own. Honestly, I never thought I would read something like this, but considering my interests in Slice of Life anime, Anne of Green Gables, and Emily of New Moon, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s just that, initially, I didn’t find the first chapter interesting enough to continue, but I gave it another chance. Some few days later, I intended to take a bath around 3:45am for about 30 minutes to read one chapter. Instead, I sat there and started reading chapter nine, then somehow, two and a half hours later, I finished chapter seventeen! It was passed 6am and I quickly washed myself, then got out. Nine chapters! Incredible really.

I haven’t read a book in such regard, in a very long time. The last time would probably be in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s, when I read Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring. I remember listening to J.S. Bach while I spent my afternoons and evenings indulging in the fantasy of Middle Earth. Well, actually, the first four books from the Harry Potter series would be something I read for hours, and that was in the early 2000’s.

The second extraordinary thing I did was on a different day, Tom and I spoke on Discord via video chat from 10pm to 3am. Of those five hours, we spent about 15 minutes talking about the rude critical behaviour of Sam I experienced when he was on my Minecraft server earlier. The other 4 hours and 45 minutes were about all sorts of things from his huge penis inside Tammy (while Tammy was standing right next to him), to our D&D campaign, to Dan Savage, to Reuben’s polyamory and his Right Wing Hippy pseudo-science contradictory behaviour, to a whole bunch of other things that intertwined with each other.

I haven’t done these sort of things for a very long time. So to me, they’re extraordinary.

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