First Conversations With Women


The most common question I get asked when I first meet a woman is, “So what do you do for a living?” I usually say that I am a designer of sorts, but sometimes I do say, “Ah just stuff.” [laughs]

This seems to bug some of them – me saying “Just stuff”. I guess that is because I don’t look visually appealing and that their biggest ‘attraction’ would be what’s in my wallet and bank account. My meaning is that they lose patience for guys who supposedly ONLY have money and nothing else. So if I had replied, “I am Creative Director that makes close to 6 figures, but still friggin living at home with my mom and my dad – oh and did I tell you that I own my own home, so in fact, my dad and my mom are living with me.” If I had answered it like that, one of two things could have happened – a) a smile, followed by more stupid superficial questions, or b) she’ll get ‘mad’ and try to mask her shallowness that she isn’t after a man’s wealth.

It’s weird isn’t it? [laughs like dracula on crack] No, no it isn’t at all.

Hey, I don’t make nearly 6 figures… I get paid in copper coins. 8P

The first thing I ask someone of the opposite gender… Actually one of the first things I ask anyone, after I’ve met them for the first time is, “What do you do for fun?” “Have you done any outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, cycling, etc?” “What are some of your interests?” “I heard you like science fiction novels. Which ones have you read that you like the most?” “I see you may be a supporter of marijuana. Can you tell me more about your concepts on it?”

And so on and so forth… Depends of course.

I believe that I don’t ask anyone what they do for a living unless someone else mentions it, or if they willingly bring it up without being asked.

Next time a girl asks me, “So what do you do for a living?” I’ll answer by saying, “Not much” and just smile, then walk away. If next time a girl asks me, “How much do you make?” I’ll answer “Relatively not nearly enough” then sigh and tell them that I know some guy who is single, hot, and wealthy.



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2006-07-10 6:44 am

So just what exactly do you do for a living, again? :p

2006-07-10 12:45 pm

I dry towels with kittens and fluff pillows with chickens… 8P