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*Help Japan*

Please help by donating some money to the Canadian Red Cross: CLICK HERE

As some of you may know, Japan was hit by an 8.9 magnitude quake that so far has killed over 300 people and 700 others have gone missing. This has caused tsunamis that hit various shores around the Pacific Ocean all the way to California in the USA.

The link above goes to the CRC’s Japan relief donation page. If you don’t trust that link, Google “Canadian Red Cross Japan Relief”.

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Jen Mayville
Jen Mayville
10 years ago


My name is Jen and I work for the Canadian Red Cross. Thank you for helping to spread the word about how people can donate to our Japan earthquake appeal. We really appreciate it.

We would love to continue to connect with you. You can find us on Twitter (@redcrosscanada), Facebook (, and our blog is

Thank you for your support!

10 years ago

You’re welcome. Anything to help them. ^_^

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