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I would like to celebrate the light snow of this morn with a cup of hot ginseng. A toast to the whiteness outside! 8]

So I just watched episode 2, Season 9 of TG and then received Michelle’s comment and then my reply, and then watched Bleach episode 117 just now. Pretty good episode, but damn, they ended it at the good part as usual.

Anyway, as much crap there is and as much sadness there may be, I can’t allow them to handle my emotions this way. Sure, it’ll be on my mind for awhile, but I have to fulfill my obligations to Razor despite, and so, as per my usual fuzziness, I’ll continue to do my share of the work, while enter stuff in my blog for the rest of you to see.

Nowadays, I have to admit, I’m not sure what to write about any more – aside from games and dreams, writing about my feelings here haven’t been motivational lately. There is only so much shit that happens until I get numb from it.

Right. So I have a question for everyone… What is the difference between judgment and opinion?


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2007-03-01 12:25 pm

An opinion is your view on something whether you have facts or not.Judgment is when you condemn someone with all the facts you have.Being judgmental is when you condemn someone with your beliefs and do not see their point,or anyone elses point of view.

2007-03-01 7:03 pm

Hmmm…. Interesting. I was thinking about that while I showered, but then I asked, “If we say President Bush is a bad leader and probably the worst president in the history of the United States, isn’t that simply saying that those who say he is that, are judgmental people?” The thing is, as you have seen throughout DC, there are those who deserve their punishment and there are those who should receive second chances. Now, if you think about it this way – should we feel sorry for a soldier who commits rape and murder in Iraq, despite that he… Read more »

2007-03-02 1:34 pm

Hi Li, I did not feel any negative feelings .But what I did get is you are hurt and angry and it’s very understandable…..But Jenny is not a victim and Albert is not a traitor or a dog. All Albert sees right now is you messing up any chances of him fixing things with Jenny. I know you love your friends and can’t comprehend what or why Albert did what he did, but there were reasons, that maybe you don’t understand because you see it as he has done something that’s against your principles. Sure what he done was wrong,… Read more »

2007-03-03 3:10 am

[sigh] Yes, you’re right though. Those words were mainly a burst of emotions and such, but behind the scenes, I knew that there were reasons that lead up to his actions. It’s like adrenaline rush for a soldier with a knife against an army of machine guns and rockets, but then after the berserk killing fest, I kind of wake-up and notice how bloody ‘impulsive’ it was.

2007-03-05 5:00 am

oh li, that’s terrible. according to ariel and your comments, i think you should try to calm down and back away from their problems. my bf also went through the same thing, but the sad thing is he and his ‘bro’ stopped being friends. he doesn’t tell me about it, as it wrecks his heart every time he brings it up. i hate seeing him like that, and i think i know how you feel. are you healing? maybe you should try to do the things that make you happy again. my heart goes out to you li!

Fong Pei
Fong Pei
2007-03-05 5:05 pm

how did you like ep 2 of season 9? That Veyron is an engineering masterpiece, eh? 253mph was a piece of cake for that car and there was no drama about it.