I started using Instagram pretty heavily for about a year now. Mind you, I am not obsessed with it. It’s just the easy daily go-to app I use on my phone. I love looking through the Search feed, finding all sorts of yummy women and the occasional photos of beautiful architecture around the world. I am especially smitten by tiny homes and container homes. If only they were ideal in the Metro Vancouver area, without having to move into the boonies. Land here is top notch expensive.

So as I said, I follow quite a few yummy women. Most of them are pretty honest with themselves, knowing full well that they are yummy and that the primary base of their followers are horny men. The only thing of course, is that these horny men are expected to keep themselves in check and not spam the comment areas of these yummy women with lustful lewd commentary. It’s obvious, just like cultured civilization should be.

Alas, we’re not that cultured for the most part and the majority of the population of the world, is still quite hinged in the tribal booga booga ‘I-am-man-you-are-inferior-sex-object-boob-milk-giving-woman’. 99.9999991% of the time, I won’t even comment on a photo of a hot girl on Instagram, let alone, say anything lewd to her. In fact, I haven’t yet… Well, my wife, yes…

The topic of lustful horny men who can’t control themselves is not the focus of this blog post. The topic is actually about the women who post up hot photos of themselves, expecting demanding only positive comments from men.

Stay calm, and let that sink in for a moment before you read on.

Of the thousands of yummy women I’ve come across on Instagram, I have noticed about 30% of them have a major sensitivity to any comments resembling negativity. I can understand if a comment was knackered with nasty bullshit, then surely that individual can get the fuck out, as well as get a block from the model. However, many of the comments I’ve read were positive, with a tinkle of constructive criticism, but even then, those models would blow things out of proportion and react badly.

For example, a super hot fitness model in her 40’s from Germany, with a few tats and amazingly sexy legs poses the exact same way most of the time. It’s awesome she shares her photos with the public. Myself, as well as millions of other men and women thank her for that. However, one of her followers, who normally posts up comments like, “Awesome photo set!” and “You look amazing!” made one comment that had a tiny tiny tiny bit of constructive feed back. Paraphrased, he said, “As always, you look great. Love the blue dress! However, I noticed you pose the same way almost every time. Would be lovely to see you in different poses to see the other sides of you. Again, keep it up!”

If I received a comment like that, I would thank him and consider doing other poses in the future. It was positive and the criticism was constructive. There was no belittling involved. However, that model reacted coldly and badly. Paraphrased, she said, “Then leave. You can stop following me.”

I stared at her comment like this: o____o and then I clicked on that guy’s name to find very wholesome pictures of scenery, family, pets and such. I read some of his other comments on other photos and again, very wholesome and positive. So I went back to the model’s comment and re-read the guy’s comment to her. I was bewildered. Am I reading something different than what she was reading?

On a different model’s page, again, posing very deliciously, in her photo description, she asked “Blue or Green?” coinciding the colour of her hair. She also recently got a hair cut that shortened it. Someone in the comments posted, paraphrased, “Green, but I also preferred it when you had longer hair.”

How did she react? She responded super negatively, “No one asked for your opinion!” She’s right, no one did, but she didn’t mind all of the other opinions about her on her photo, so why did she specifically nitpick this one out? Oh, right, because it countered her decision to have a new hair cut, which she felt was good for her. However, if she didn’t ask for his specific opinion, neither did she ask for the specific opinions of all of the other 1,000+ positive but borderline lewd comments she received. Quite the hypocrite. If you don’t want opinions, then shut off the comments. What he said was hardly negative. It was his own preferences. What was so bad about it? Did he demand she change it back? Did he say nasty things to her? No and no.

Anyway, I notice this trend a lot in about 30% of the models on Instagram. So it certainly tells me these women have major insecurity issues reacting super badly towards constructive feedback, or personal opinions that have no inkling of any negativity in them.

In another model’s page and photo, an obvious fitness trainer commented on a photo of hers, “Love your videos. It’s educational and to the point. Only one small thing. Your boxing form is a bit off. [gives constructive advice]”

If a fitness trainer took his or her time to comment on my photos or videos with positive feedback and constructive advice, I would thank them and take their advice into consideration. However, that fitness model reacted very negatively. Instead of taking feedback accordingly, she lashed out at everyone giving advice on her boxing stance. She even made another photo post with a small essay about that same thing.

I really liked her. I even saved a lot of her work out videos because they help my wife and I. However, as time went on, I started to not like her attitude and behaviour. So after seeing a few more super negative reactions from her, I just stopped following her.

This was also the same for another model. This time, a Playboy model that looked incredibly beautiful. To cut a long story short, I have absolutely no problems with the core ideals of feminism. However, there are a lot of so-called feminists who behave counter to that ideal. On top of that, these so-called feminists twist science by its nipple rings to suit their rhetoric, cast massive lopsided blame on men as a collective, and shout shit like, “A woman’s body is inherently not sexual, so men, deal with it.” <– while posing naked with her ass sticking out and shiny pussy lips glistening in the sunlight. Worst, I read from the same Playboy model, paraphrased, “I love and respect my own body. These pictures are for me only. I don’t care about what other people think of me.”

O___O THEN WHY IN THE NINE CAT HELLS DID YOU POST THEM PUBLICLY IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!?! If the photos are only for your own amusement and self-love, then why post them on Instagram for everyone to see? Surely, you can make the argument that you did it to empower other women to feel the same way, BUT your actions contradict your words! If you want to empower women to feel good about themselves, their own bodies and such, then you should give lectures, show up at conventions with a book about it, do what Mrs. Obama did and create hands-on events that show leadership. Posting up hot sexy naked pictures of yourself with your incredibly gorgeous firm breasts pointing out the window, while your amazingly fit sexy legs shine like copper silk, and your near-perfect ass barely covered by a see-through cloth isn’t showing leadership, nor speaking about self-love in the way you think it does. You don’t see Mrs. Obama jamming a lollipop into her cooch, while preaching feminism. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong subject matter. It’s fine to use your platform of millions of followers to preach activism, but most of the time, you’re giving the wrong contradictory message when your photos have nothing to do with that activism. It’s like trying to convince people to become vegetarians, while posting up a picture of yourself eating a bucket of fried chicken with a side of an 8 ounce steak, and a bowl filled to the rim with pork chops. It’s idiotic at best.

As a side note, yes, the human body is inherently not sexual. However, our overall global culture, combined with the way heterosexual men perceive the body of a woman lustfully is an actual reality. Most of the models on Instagram that wear itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikinis, full of make-up, posing in various eye-candied ways know for a fact that sex sells and the way they’re doing it is sexual. You cannot just say counter to that, then expect that men suddenly change their natural instincts and behaviour. You want change? Start at home. At home, form a collective. With that collective, educate the masses and vote the right people into government. Over time, you can use the power of the whole, to push for lifestyle changes, as well as perceptions about gender roles, sex and consent. It won’t suddenly just work. Change takes time. If you try to install change immediately, you’re just causing massive problems. It’s obvious from all of the hateful and ignorant comments you get in your photo activism. Until then, you cannot just say something, do something else and expect people to simply adhere to your message. This is especially true, when your message is incoherent and posted to slander and/or bash men.

Anyway, I decided to close my second Instagram account because I didn’t want to read drama. I followed way too many yummy women and at that point, I didn’t want to accidentally read bullshit anymore. So I opened another secondary account and this time, very selectively follow yummy women by reading their overall message first, then read some of their comments second. Also, for the majority of the time, I follow alt-lifestyle women like goth girls, Suicide Girls and Steampunk cosplay girls. Though of course, I also follow hot MILFs, cougars and the occasional men who I think also add to my small collection of yumminess. For example, @Pinsent_Tailoring and @LeonChiro. Also, @TheRock is a no brainer. You’ll have to be far-far-far right or far-far-far left or just a boring douchebag to not follow The Rock. 😉

Now some of my friends might wonder why I have a primary and secondary Instagram account. My primary account is rated PG. It contains soft, pillowy things like Rudi, our family life, the silliness all around. I follow primarily friends and family there, as well as the occasional super interesting and/or super positive members like @Lunarbaboon and @TheDodo. However, I don’t follow super yummy girls and the occasional super yummy dude there. I want to keep that separate from my precisely personal tastes. So my secondary account is exactly for that. It’s rated M mostly. Not that I post up half naked sexualized pics of myself, but I will eventually post up cool pics of myself like top-naked covered in tattoos on one side, holding a katana bokken, etc. Basically, the secondary account is about me me me. Where as the primary account is about family and friends.

If one day you give me constructive feedback in my photos and videos, be sure to know that I will be thankful and I will take your feedback into consideration. You’ll have to be truly cruel to get me riled up, but even then, only if you mean it and only if you’re someone I care about to get me riled up. 😉 ♥

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