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GALLERY section has been updated. Just go to Gallery, then click on a picture to view the album. If u want to make a comment just click on the “>_<" in the main menu to add your tidbit. Anyway, the attached file was sent by Albert from his mom. Usually, I don't bother opening these things up, but Albert insisted, so I finally took a look. It's good, and I honor this to everyone I deeply care about. Please download it and open it with a PowerPoint compatible player or PowerPoint itself. DOWNLOAD HERE – RIGHT CLICK TO “SAVE FILE AS”

You might already have seen this, but whoever created this pretty much explains how I run my life. I may look like a workaholic, but there are other ‘goals’ in life I try to achieve, and much of that has to do with those closest to me. I won’t say what they are, and will go through the world and its misgivings, and through life and its givings – as they go and come.

It’s ‘late’, my back is sore, I have to work later today. Hope everyone has a good night. 8]


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2006-07-04 6:33 am

If it’s what I think it is, then the translation isn’t all too bad as previously noted in the email. It’s aiiiiiiiiiiight ^^

2006-07-04 12:30 pm

Fantastic. 8]