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My Thanks To Women – The Emotional Core


Women, without you, we will lose out on so much. We work hard for ourselves and our families. In all our varying degrees, we strive for different things – things that can harden us, and stress us out over time. Sometimes, this stress and the frustrations can turn us astray, and sometimes, we become bastards, players, and lone scouts like myself. I think without women, us men would have had a very difficult time getting through life. We wouldn’t know the softer side of things. We wouldn’t know that there was a possibility of comfort and emotional refuge with you. We wouldn’t have ever found and felt the great physical comfort and pleasure you give us.

Sometimes, we take you for granted. Sometimes, we don’t mean it. Sometimes you are the single-most important all-encompassing thing/person/object in our lives. Sometimes we don’t even recognize it, sadly.

You give us a place where we can put away our shields and store away our swords. You give us as place where we can sit down, relax, and hear you hum a tune. You give us the warmth when our hearts felt cold. You thawed our the anger and hatred we may have, as much as you can, even if your hands get frostbite.

I want to give you my all. I want my mind to open up, and my heart set free again. I want to show you my world, my perspectives, my views and opinions, but I also want to see your world, your perspectives, your views, and your opinions too. I don’t want sex to be just sex. I want my body to connect with yours, so you can feel what my mind desires for you, so you can look into my eyes, and realize that there is no other, and never will another take place.

There is no cage. There is no demand. There is no supression or control. You are who you are. You are free to do what you feel you want and need. I am merely your confidant. If you see me as your lover, then that is a reward that I might or might not deserve regardless. If you want to be exclusive to me and for me only, then that is a reward that I might or might not deserve regardless of what I may or may not have done for and with you. If you want to do things for and with me, then that is reward that I might or might not deserve regardless of how I may or may not have treated you.

All that I solely and really ask for is not your trust, nor your commitment, or your love, if ever. All I really and solely ask for, is that you tell me if ever you are dissatisfied and/or unhappy with you being with me. If you are really worth it, even if you don’t say it, I might have already changed it. Just try to see it, before you seal it. Sometimes, open communication doesn’t have to be verbal.


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13 years ago

What happened to your other post I read this morning it was so lovely and so raw.

Anyway your posts made me think of this quote:

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” -Albert Schweitzer

13 years ago

I’m going to rewrite it cuz I was so high last night. HIGH!

Don’t worry, it will still be raw. RAW!


Fong Pei
Fong Pei
13 years ago

“Sometimes you are the single-most important all-encompassing thing/person/object in our lives.”

pffff….you say that because you don’t have your McLaren F1 yet.

13 years ago

HAHAHA! DAMN! You saw through me. [shakes head like Damon Hill] [ahem and coughs]

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