Now With That Out Of The Way

My first blog post for Version 14b is about the Triggered-In-Chief, also known as the Liar-In-Chief. The reason being is that I needed to vent. I feel that major injustice keeps being vented off by Trump supporters and Neo Cons in the Republican Party. I am happy that there are True Conservatives and Classical Liberals that are against the Triggered-In-Chief, but they are far and few when it comes to standing up against the Neo Cons. Their voices of reasoning must be heard. While I am no fan of Fox News, I am glad more and more journalists are starting to stand up against the Triggered-In-Chief. I applaud you for doing the right thing, even when your own right-wing followers accuse you for being traitors and leftists. What you’re doing is what all Americans should do: stand up to the corrupt and treasonous piece of shits in the White House.

Now, you might be wondering what happened to the previous posts for Version 14a. I unpublished all seven of them because I felt they became convoluted with my thoughts. They weren’t clear enough. I restarted Leemanism, in hopes to clarify my thoughts, to get straight to the point, to express my raw thought processes reorganized in a way that my readers may see the real message. Prior to Version 14a, Leemanism dwindled to content without much substance. It was primarily about injustices and criticisms on various news bits in the USA. However, I didn’t like that it went from being a silly, substance-filled, feel-good blog to a husk of one. This happened soon after my friendship fell apart with Albert, henceforth known as Yi. More about that in a near-future blog post.

So anyhow, I decided to clean up my act and get Leemanism restarted on Version 14. I want to do what I did at Quora – to be fully real, to say as well as I could on exactly what I want to say, even knowing that it might anger, annoy and hurt some people. At the end of the day, it’s better to release my thoughts and feelings as they are, than to put them through a filter to appease other people. I find that over the years, when I lost some friends, it was primarily because I allowed bullshit to fester. While I cannot be blamed for the actions of other people, I can be blamed for the actions of my own. This has to be represented properly here on Leemanism.

Again, like I said in my first blog post in Version 14a, a shout out goes to Michael McFaddon. He reached out to me after he saw a previously published post that I uploaded. It had sad stuff in there, but I was surprised because that blog post was actually deleted two days later. Somehow, he read it even though it was deleted.

To Michael, I saw you tried to log in some weeks ago and failed. That was because you didn’t have an account to begin with. However, I have since added a member registration system to the site. It’s a bit of a hassle, but that’s to help limit spam and trolls coming in.

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