Please help a young couple in need (Ontario, Fort Erie)

This is a repost of my friend’s Facebook message:

Attention everyone! My friend and his partner have recently lost a child. They are young… neither have a drivers’ license and they are alone in a new town. They don’t have close family and from what my friend has told me, they don’t have many friends who are there for them. They live in Ridgeway, Fort Erie, Ontario. I have contacted an organization (that helps grieving parents through community building) to find out what is possible in this situation. In the mean time, I have recommended that they start with getting a family doctor so that the doctor can refer them to social programs as well as medical benefits that might be available to them such as therapy. I have also recommended locating local food banks so that they don’t starve, as well as for a resource to inquire about what aid might be available.

Any other suggestions? Does anyone have any suggestions as to where they can go to get help with transitioning back into employment… where they can go for financial aid… supportive communities that they could connect to… things like that? Does anyone live in that area or know someone who does? If so, would you be willing to you inquire about local resources and get back to me?

Please respond here with a comment or contact me directly using the form here:

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