Random Romance Postcard Campaign

Since about two months ago, I had planned a Random Romance Postcard Campaign, but the postcards I ordered didn’t come in on time. So almost two weeks ago, I started it in which I send my wife over in Germany postcards separated by days determined by the roll of a ten sided die. How this works is that once I mail a postcard out, I give it a buffer time of seven days on top of whatever I rolled on the die. So if I rolled a “5”, then it will be 7 + 5 = 12 days later that I send out another postcard. The only thing is that Amber won’t know what I rolled. This is to help encourage her to check her postal mail more often.

UPDATED: 2014/June/05:

Here is the one I sent May 7th which unfortunately didn’t arrive. Once Amber goes back to her own apartment, I’ll ask her to send me a pic of the second postcard I sent her.


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