Serious? Yes. Aggressive? No.

Earlier last evening, I was in a minor verbal altercation with my wife. While playing World of Warcraft, we spent a long time in Felsoul Hold finishing up some quests, mostly for her. I had some dangling remnants from a previous play time. After that, we started to do some Archaeology. After the first dig site was done, I asked her to activate the Flight Master’s Whistle which would take us to the nearest Flight Master.

The altercation was lame in itself, so I agree that I shouldn’t have been so anal retentive, but all the same, I was annoyed by the notion that my wife insisted I was being aggressive, when surely, being aggressive would mean I was borderline violent or at least heading in that direction. No, I digress. I was irritated yes, but I was also calm and stern in my tone. I was assertive at most.

My problem was that when I play a game at an area for long periods of time, I would like a change of scenery, even if it’s a slight change. So in my logic, using the Flight Master’s Whistle, would allow us a few moments of a break time while at the same time, put us in a place closer to our destination. Based on the image at the beginning of the post, “B” would be a ‘bridge’ between the origin and the destination. So my logic is that I can take a tiny break, while activating the summon that would bring us to “B”. When we are finally ready to venture forth, it would take us less time to reach Destination C.

Unfortunately, my wife had other ideas. She thought we were going to a different destination than “C”. So she persisted in a borderline ridiculing way why bother trying to save a mere few seconds of travel time by summoning a Flight Master, than just simply riding there on our mounts. Of course, in my head, her perception makes no sense. I would like to hope my wife is smarter than that. Eg: “I trust that he asked for a Flight Master’s summon because we are going to a destination he sees fitting for the Flight Master to pick us up for.” Alas no. Somehow 1 + 1 did not = to 2. In her head, it was “1 + 3 = 2. Why does 1 + 3 = 2?” In short, this was what she saw instead:

She did not take into consideration that the most logical reasoning to take a Flight Master’s summon was to bridge two places together. If the above image was true, I wouldn’t have summoned for a Flight Master. I would have instead put myself on Follow and asked her to take us to Destination C. Note that we just spent a long time questing inside Felsoul Hold, the large blob of green and started digging up for our Archaeology profession very recently. So to me, I just want to get the Archaeology done as soon as possible, so we could finally move onto the World Quests, which were our original intentions.

To cut the argument short, basically, I was annoyed by two main factors:

  • Her insistence that I was being aggressive.
  • That I was being illogical because she had perceived we were going to Destination C or another similar location in the second image.

As I said, the two factors were wrong because:

  • I was serious in my tone and anal in my behaviour, though ultimately, I was irritated and assertive, rather than aggressive. I know what being aggressive is like. This wasn’t the case.
  • It was obviously illogical because she got the conclusion of where I intended to go, wrong. I was annoyed that she couldn’t piece 1 + 1 = 2 together. Why would I summon for a Flight Master to NOT-bridge two places together?

Why does any of this matter? Because it’s a reflection of many other factors in our life. It has to do with ability. Specifically to this issue, she could have easily asked where our next destination was, rather than persist that my way of doing things was ridiculous because she couldn’t ‘bridge’ my reasoning. Surely, one would hope a degree of affinity between spouses.

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