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As you can see, I’ve added a sticky feature into this site, to keep people informed of stuff and things. I have always looked for this and finally found one. Good stuff!

So as I was trying to find a host that has at least 16 meg cache memory, allows adult content and profanity, has PHP 4+, MySQL, at least 10 gigs of Bandwidth per month, and about 100 megs of space, I realized that only RT’s servers allow all these things. I tried with GoDaddy, but their customer service agents won’t tell me whether they have more than 8 megs cache memory or not, due to some policy of theirs. So I tried with Netfirms, the company that I registered the domain names with, and they don’t allow adult content on their servers. [sigh] It’s not like I’m creating a porn site.

The thing about the cache memory being a hush hush thingy mind boggles me. Considering there is no way a customer can change its settings, the company should just tell us. Let’s just say GoDaddy and Netfirms won’t be getting my business, though mind you, I am considering transferring all of my domain names over to GoDaddy just because they have cheaper per year registrations.

Anyway, I will be taking down the “Love & Sex” section up top, and relinking those DC posts in the Forum. As for the gallery, I haven’t updated it with the latest stuff, but soon!

Chum Cha!


ps: Muffin texted me last night while I was asleep with the following, “hey leeman, u’r harsh as usual, but thank u n ur friends too” – now wasn’t that nearly lopsided debate worth it? let’s do a group hug… Nah, I suggest ORGY! Quickly! All women dress up as cats – put on those furry little ears, wrist cuffs, and fuzzy paws! Meow meow? 83

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2007-01-11 11:34 pm

If we’re gonna dress up, can we at least get a Spongebob theme going on?!! Now THAT’S hot!!! LOL

2007-01-12 11:22 am

I doubt she saw my post then. ^^;;