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The Ice Bucket Challenge

Firstly, it’s great that this Ice Bucket Challenge has gained attraction and spread awareness, which resulted in a lot of donations. Secondly, it seems like a lot of people are having fun doing it. The following video is great. The guy who narrated this video needs a hug and I’ll gladly donate what I can afford, like I normally do with other charities every year. So note that I am not against the idea of the IBC and the results are fantastic.

– ALS Research Foundation:
– Anthony’s Family Donation Page:

With that said, personally, there is something about this that doesn’t sit well with me. It’s not the donation itself that is the issue, but the IB challenge that I don’t quite like. It seems like people are using the IBC as a “Look at me! I’m doing something awesome!” When they normally won’t even consider donating a dollar. It feels pretentious.

Here’s a rhetoric: why not donate any amount you can afford AND do the IBC? Someone I know donated $1000 AND poured a bucket of ice and water over himself. He said, “If people are sincere about making a difference, then it’s not the ice bucket that’s going to do it. It’s the money. The ice bucket is just for the giggles.”

People rather do the giggles, than donate. Think about that. So folks, if you’re going to do the Ice Bucket Challenge for the sake of dodging the donation, note that you’re not truly helping. People normally try to do the things they can benefit the most from, without losing too much face. In this case, if you really want to help out, do the Ice Bucket as a means to spread awareness but also donate an amount to help the foundation.


– ALS Research Foundation:
– Anthony’s Family Donation Page:

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