In modern times, the US Republicans and conservatives, often bring up the fact that it was Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party that ended slavery, that it was the Democrats who wanted to continue with slavery, and it was with the Democrats where the Ku Klux Klan started. They’re right. The Confederates were the traitors of the United States of America. So I’m wondering then, why conservatives and Republicans continue to defend the use of the Confederate flag? Why are Republicans fighting for the preservation of Confederate statues to continue to be displayed on public land? Shouldn’t it make more sense for conservatives and Republicans to do the opposite? Shouldn’t Republicans be standing alongside the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as make policies that ban all public displays of Confederate symbols?

Now, liberals often times bring up that somewhere in the mid 1900’s, the political spectrum of its members in the Republican and Democratic Parties had made a switch. Meaning right-wingers had moved from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, and left-wingers had moved from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party. However, modern day conservatives decry this theory by liberals as fake news, because of course, that’s just absurd right? Liberals were never a part of the Republican Party in the first place. Liberals were the racists, were the white-robe wearing Ku Klux Klan, were the Confederate traitors that fought their own brothers and sisters.

So with all of that said, I have four questions for Republicans and conservatives.

1. Why is the majority of the Republican Party made up of white people?

2. Why do White Supremacist groups in the USA vote for Republicans and call Trump, their saviour?

3. Why doesn’t conservatives and Republicans stand with Black Lives Matter?

4. Why are conservatives and Republicans defending Confederate symbols?

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