Frequently Asked Questions


  1. I would like to contribute an article as its author.
  2. I would like to advertise on your website.
  3. What is your expertise in the field of relationship advice?

1. I would like to contribute an article as its author.

Please send me a message with the subject you wish to contribute a Q&A. Do not post your Q&A article in the message box. Give me an idea what you’re posting about and whether you have it published somewhere else. If so, include the URL.

Note that your article must be in English. It also must be fully proof read with correct spelling in either Proper English or American English. Grammar doesn’t have to be perfect because you can type it up the way you would speak it. However, punctuation and proper paragraph spacing is a must. No one wants to read a wall of text and massive run on sentences. Basically, while I do not expect your article to be professionally articulated, I do expect it to be at least post-secondary-level writing.

I will accept articles that are translated.

You will be given access as an author on this website, with your own account. You can log in and create your own post. After reviewing it, I will publish it in the proper category and add tags accordingly. Your name will be displayed on the article, along with an optional bio at the bottom. You can link to your own website in your bio. Your article should have an URL to its original publication.

Also note that we take copyrights very seriously. If you’re not supposed to re-publish the article somewhere else, without the permission of the original publisher, then we will comply with the take-down request.

Articles are not published if they are found to be plagiarized, or if you’re copying someone else’s work and taking credit for it.

As the author, you will have ownership to your own article. You can remove the article at any time.

As the administration, we reserve the right to make backups of your article, unless you specifically request we do not.

2. I would like to advertise on your website.

Ads do not have any type of tracking in them. Spots on the site are sold as is. They are to be linked to your own website(s). They cannot be Google Ad codes or some other affiliate program.

As of 2021 January 3rd, the prices are as follows:

Location Per Week Per Month Per Three Months
Top of website, in header, right side along edge. $50 USD / $62 Cdn $182 USD / $225 Cdn $464 USD / $573 Cdn
Top of side bar, replacing Amazon ad. $25 USD / $31 Cdn $91 USD / $113 Cdn $232 USD / $288 Cdn
Bottom of side bar, replacing Google ad. $15 USD / $19 Cdn $55 USD / $69 Cdn $140 USD / $175 Cdn
1. All ad projects are paid immediately in full. After your ad has been published, you can replace the existing ad once for free within the first 24 hours. After 24 hours, you can replace the ad for an additional $5 each time you need it replaced, paid immediately. So make sure your ad is exactly what you want.
2. Monthly total days may consist of 28 days to 31 days. There will be no ad price reductions or price additions for shorter and/or longer months. All month-based ad prices have 15% discounts applied to them.
3. In the chance ads are demanded to be taken down by a third party for legal reasons, you will be refunded for the remaining amount time, equivalent to its daily advertisement cost minus 25%. Example: if you paid for one week of header ad space and the ad gets taken down after four days, you get refunded 75% of the remaining three days.
4. You have 24 hours to cancel your ad project. However, 25% will be taken for administrative purposes. You will be refunded 75% of what you paid. Your refund will be processed at the speed of the payment gateway which at times can take up to a week.
5. We are also reserved the right to cancel your ad at any time. In cases like this, we will refund you 100% of the remaining ad time based on the remaining days.

Send a message with the contact form here, and give us a brief of your ad and how long you want to purchase the ad space for.

Ad locations may be adjusted when in mobile view mode. The above locations are specific to how it may be placed while in desktop view.

Note that ad space purchases are slotted for three months at a time max. There are no yearly plans. This will give you and this website a lot more flexibility and control.

The following type of ads are not permitted on this website:

  • Hardcore porn, as well as explicit fetish porn such as snuff, enema, and vomiting.
  • Political endorsements.
  • Ads against LGBTQ+. Ads against gender identity.
  • Religious ads from organizations that are known to preach hate and inequality.
  • Gambling including lotteries.
  • Racist, prejudice, anti-men/anti-women, anti-BLM, anti-feminism, etc.
  • Any kind of attack ads.

3. What is your expertise in the field of relationship advice?

I do not have any post-secondary degrees to back up my expertise. The entirety of my expertise is base primarily on personal experience, complemented by the experience of others whom have given me the chance to help remedy their relationship problems. I was once a teenager in the 1990’s and had my fill of varying intimate relationships throughout my 20’s. My long term relationship with my wife since 2010/2011 has taught me a lot about myself, as well as how marriage can work.

Also, while I do post up the majority of the Q&A here, my wife Amber do contribute to my articles as comments . She may disagree at times and educate me on different perspectives. She may agree and offer complementing insight.