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The Dead Whale Shark

As I made my way passed Splithoof Crag, I stopped suddenly and looked back at the full moon. The reflection of her shown on the slightly wavering water below me. Dimly lit stars littered the night sky, diluted by the immaculate brightness of Luna.

I sat there on my Black War Kodo, reminiscent on the days when the Thousand Needles was barren with towering mesas. I still remember when Shinozaki, then Capricorn was adventuring into the land when he noticed a young curious Orc, clearly too inexperienced wander into his view. She popped around a boulder, cautious not to get spotted by any potential hostiles around the area. Capricorn asked her if she needed an escort, but in her anxious and adventurous state, the only words that came out of her lips were, “I will probably die here.” It was a possibility, but she was in the presence of a decorated veteran of hundreds of Alterac Valley battles, where he lead at the head of the pack, charging into the enemy, breaking their lines and scoring numerous victories. She was in no danger.

After Capricorn followed her for a bit, she made camp inside an empty cave and bid him farewell. He gave her some advice and continued on his journey.

That was a good ten years ago. So much could change in such a short period of time. Thousand Needles as it is now, is a flooded valley full of ruin and a giant dead whale shark laying at the bottom of the Shimmering Deep.

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