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The LoL Rant

So I was mining in Minecraft and then my nephew texted me some stuff on Skype. I had no idea what he was telling me until I was able to safely exit the game and read what he was telling me. This is what he sent:

[4:50:01 PM] Andy: Kid tried to argue League math with me on the basis that his ‘game knowledge’ is spectacular
[4:50:08 PM] Andy: An inhibitor with 300 health left or so
[4:50:16 PM] Andy: He, our main damage, died about there
[4:50:25 PM] Andy: I’m the tank and the support died shortly afterwards
[4:50:39 PM] Andy: I deal about 105 damage to something with 0 armour
[4:50:48 PM] Andy: of course, an inhibitor is a structure, and therefore has armour
[4:51:01 PM] Andy: by his logic, my math would mean I could kill it in 3 hits
[4:51:20 PM] Andy: unfortunately, his game knowledge doesn’t take into account armour and health regeneration
[4:51:43 PM] Andy: therefore, by eyeballing it, it would take about 8 hits to kill it
[4:51:52 PM] Andy: but I have an attack speed of 0.74 attacks per second
[4:52:09 PM] Andy: which of course allows for more time to regenerate
[4:52:25 PM] Andy: so in the 10 or so seconds it would take me to kill it
[4:52:34 PM] Andy: I would have died from taking hits from every member of the enemy team
[4:53:00 PM] Andy: I actually died anyway cuz I tried to listen to him to make him happy
[4:53:01 PM] Andy: But I died
[4:53:16 PM] Andy: and at the end of the argument, refusing to admit his loss, he goes
[4:53:22 PM] Andy: “whatever. muted so I can continue winning”
[4:53:28 PM] Andy: `/rant
[4:54:58 PM] Leeman: takea screenshot of your LoL game right now and send it to me
[4:55:05 PM] Andy: I can’t
[4:55:06 PM] Andy: It ended
[4:55:19 PM] Leeman: doesn’t matter, any LoL screenshot you make
[4:56:13 PM] Andy: end game screen
[4:56:26 PM] Andy: note that my only death is because I listened to him

I too almost died listening to Skype do a message notification every few seconds. -__-

Then he proceeded to tell me after knowing I posted this up on my blog a few minutes ago:

[5:01:19 PM] Andy: LOL
[5:01:26 PM] Leeman: make sure to refresh, i added one more sentence at the end
[5:01:27 PM] Leeman: 🙂
[5:01:58 PM] Andy: (y)
[5:02:05 PM] Leeman: (y)
[5:02:08 PM] Leeman: brb
[5:04:02 PM] Leeman: fun fun fun
[5:04:09 PM] Andy: Also
[5:04:18 PM] Andy: I’d like to point out that the kid who was arguing with me
[5:04:22 PM] Andy: Has half the deaths on our team
[5:04:26 PM] Andy: -_-
[5:04:40 PM] Leeman: wish you had the screen of the end battle stats
[5:04:46 PM] Andy: That’s what I sent you
[5:04:52 PM] Leeman: oh okay
[5:05:21 PM] Leeman: what’s the kid’s name?
[5:05:36 PM] Leeman: Sometimes, even kids need some good smack upside their heads with a giant polearm
[5:05:43 PM] Andy: Look at my team and the K/D/A scores (chuckle)
[5:05:49 PM] Leeman: D = death?
[5:05:52 PM] Andy: yeah
[5:05:55 PM] Leeman: A = assist?
[5:05:56 PM] Andy: yeah
[5:06:02 PM] Leeman: okay

I don’t know much about LoL. I either played it with Brandon or Andy some years ago, though I surmise it was Brandon. KDA! KDA! Klaatu barada nikto mmfsshadmfsadjhdsakamun!

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