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A Bundle Of Noodles


Last night, I had the best sex in long while. It started in the car, while it was raining outside. The windows were steaming up, as I ran my hand up her thighs and into her panties. She had this ‘glitter’ in her eyes, like willing watery eyes. Both her hands were on either side of me, as I leaned in, gave her a peck on her soft lips, then looked at her to confirm that I can go further. As I fucked Pepper, she kept whispering my name over and over again directly into my ear, her lips barely caressing my face.

[pauses to think]

[lets out a deep sigh]

I find sometimes, my introductions are completely different than the rest of the content of my blog entries. [ponders]


^^ Jon making a pouty face at Dozo Izakaya. The place had a really nice atmosphere. It was a Korean, Chinese, and Japanese restaurant that played the type of music you would find on my hard drive and CD collection, like Cafe Del Mar, Afterlife, Moby, etc.


^^ I sat facing Jon, my back from the window. This was to my left. Quite nice eh? Modern, accented with Asian architecture. Pretty much how I would decorate the interior of my house, if I had one.


^^ This was actually a random pose, not originally for the camera. Wonderful isn’t it? – The Mysterious And Terrible Wizard…….


^^ …..and his Floating Head minion. 8P




^^ The only person in the world who would actually order a beer for himself (with a little encouragement on my part) and have a cheers with me. Everyone else either don’t drink, or they suck balls!

Jon had a Corono (Light unfortunately) and I had an Asahi. Yum yum!


^^ Nice eh? I said to Jon that if they had a lounge area with a bar on the other side, it would be pretty sweet. Alas, it was strictly a restaurant, BUT it did have a sign at the entrance that read: “If you drink to forget, pay before”. Hmmm…

By the way, can you believe this used to be a 7-11?!?!? Where we were sitting was where the candy isle used to be!!! ^_^


The portions were rather small, but the prices weren’t that expensive. The plate on the right was super spicy. It had mini octopi, yellow tofu strips and other veggies. The one in the middle is called Kimchi Fried Rice, and was actually pretty good. The one on the left was called Hakka something and made up of White Turnip, Scallop, and Green Beans and wasn’t that good. With beer and the dishes, it came out to be roughly $36.

Dozo Izakaya
Atmosphere/Ambience: 4.5/5 – nice ambience, loved the atmosphere and music
Food: 3.0/5 – food ratio to cost was not good, small portions, and taste could be better
Service: 2.0/5 – server came to get our order when I flagged her down, bad engrish. At least she kept our tea filled

After Dozo’s, we went to E-Spot where for the first time ever, I suggested we have a round of arcade games. We played Initial D 3, which was okay, and then spent 4 dollars worth of quarters on an older but awesome top down shooter, then with the rest of the loonies, we spent it on a rifle shooter, and then another gun shooter, and finally another racing game.


^^ Then we went over to the Pool/Snooker side and got ourselves table 13. At first, we played a few games of pool.


^^ Then Jon introduced me to 9-Ball. It was quite fun. Jon won every single pool and 9-ball game, but at least I got most of the games down to 1 or 2 balls. I believe I owe him 150 thousand dollars for losing 3 games. ^_^


^^ Doesn’t he… Nevermind. 8]


^^ After E-Spot, we went to Twinkles (or was it called Twinkies?) along Alexandra Road and each got a slushy of sorts. Then headed back to my place. We played a couple of games of Worms 4, and then called it a night.


2 thoughts on “A Bundle Of Noodles

  1. T’was a good night indeed. I really liked the atmosphere of that restaurant. The food wasn’t great and the service was below par but the atmosphere made up for it. I had no idea the Corona was Corona Light….remind me to never drink that again….Corona is light enough….Corona light is like drinking budweiser or water.

    I was a bit surprised you wanted to play the arcade games. Usually, we only play pool and you’ll watch me play a game or two at the arcades. The lack of practice meant we really suck at that top down shooter….at least we made up for our lack of skill with plentiful quarters!

    Remember to give me a shout when you get back from HK. I’ll be there until the 7th.

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