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Amber’s Ice Breaker

So Amber actually started using Tinder, of all things! That’s crazy amazing! I always thought Tinder is an app for hooking up and dating. Never thought it could be used to find friendship. Alas, like I mention in my previous post, I can’t bring myself to use Tinder to find FWB’s. I might download the app, register a profile, use it for a couple of days, then get annoyed, and end up deleting the app. I’ve done that on every single hook-up/adult dating site I’ve used. I mean, I don’t go out anymore, so that pretty much hinders any opportunity for me to find someone. So what should I do?

Wait, this post isn’t supposed to be about me ranting some more. [sigh]

Amber managed to speak with at least three people so far. One is a Satanist, who barely talks. One is a girl who asked Amber if she is opened to a new intimate relationship, right off the bat. The third one seems to be pretty cool so far. I call her Bellatrix, after Bellatrix LeStrange from Harry Potter, because their name is similar. I like that they are able to just talk right off the bat. So I am super glad that it seems Amber doesn’t have to go through the same sort of irritations I find in building new relationships. Then again, I think it’s a lot easier for Amber because firstly, she’s a girl, and secondly, because she actually looks hot. Also, she’s in her early 30’s. Where as for me, I’m one of the billions of horny guys out there with quite mediocre visual appeal, and I’m in my early 40’s.

Basically, I think not only does Amber have it way easier due to the reasons I listed already, but she’s not polluted by the various setbacks a friendship can muster. I am not saying she hasn’t felt betrayal before, but the betrayal she felt happened a long time ago. Where as the setbacks I felt has happened in short blunt bursts over the years, in varying degrees, from people I once thought I would stay friends with forever. So when Amber told me she started talking with Bellatrix, I got super excited. It felt like I was a dad getting excited over my daughter making a new friend. I even suggested to Amber, that she could one day invite Bellatrix over for a sleepover, and I’ll gladly sleep on the couch. Hopefully, Bellatrix isn’t allergic to dogs.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited for Amber. I hope that Bellatrix turns out to be a cool cat and they hit it off pretty swell.

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