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First Come, First Serve

So there are 2 asian guys in a restroom and they are both masturbating. The waiter comes and says “WTH?!? Why r u mbing?!?”

One replies “I’m velly hungully.”

The waiter says “So?! But why?!?!”

The asian points to a sign, “First come first serve.”

Credited to Man Cheang for telling me this joke while waiting for an instance run in WoW.



2 thoughts on “First Come, First Serve

  1. Hahaha!! Cute. Hi Li ,Happy Birthday for the other day.I feel awful that I forgot…Yeah,I don’t have an excuse.So how has life been so far this year?

  2. It is okay. Actually, I can’t log into the Opera site. It won’t accept my password and the lost-password feature isn’t sending emails to me.

    Await for my email! ^_^

    Oh but I did see your HBday greeting on yout site and the massive span of new photos. I just have to say that you look absolutely gorgeous. Mmm mm good! ^_~

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