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WoW Theory V Starring Spongey


To celebrate that time of the month again, I present to you Spongey in World of Warcraft…


^^ Spongey the Warlock at level 1, fresh from the boonies, and ripe for the poking.


^^ Spongey in the buff.



^^ Dancing – that’s how she gets all the guys to drop their weapons and armour.


^^ As a Warlock, she has demonic powers that allows her to fire off shadow bolts at her enemies. Seen here, she is fighting a level 1 Timberwolf! Wow!


^^ After a hard battle, she greets the quest giver by giving him head.


^^ She also gave head to the Stormwind Guardsman. If only we all could get the same treatment. Maybe the Alliance can finally win the war against the Horde! [ponders] Maybe, they’ll lose because of all the head they’re getting? Weak in the knees, you know?


^^ Fortunately tho, my main guy is a Horde character. Damn Alliance bastards!


^^ Aside from that, I made another character last week when Terry joined WoW for the first time. This is Zhen, an Alliance Human Paladin. I thought of creating Spongey as a Paladin, but a Paladin is way to religious even for her. Thus a Warlock is definitely more suitable. Naughty naughty! 8]


^^ That’s my main character without my helm, my shoulder pads, cloak, and polearm behind Vanashke – Terry’s Undead Rogue (Correction, that’s Terry’s Undead Mage).


^^ The lands of Mulgore, the birthplace of my level 60 Tauren Hunter. That in the background is Thunder Bluff, capital of the Tauren. This sight always bring back memories when I first played the game, when it was a completely new experience for me, when the scenery never failed to mesmerize my senses of visual and emotional satisfaction. As a veteran WoW player, TB is actually the place I visit the least.

Anyway, that’s that. 8]


6 thoughts on “WoW Theory V Starring Spongey

  1. MAGE!!! Not a rogue!! Dx!!!! Do rogue’s throw fireballs and iceballs and shit? T___T

    Fuck, there’s a spider in my take out container. =| So much for breakfast.

  2. Oh yeah. My mage is also lvl 16 now. And could use some help on a quest. ^^;
    Gotta stun and catch 3/4 monsters that are all lvl 15/16 aswell. I don’t even get time for 3 hits on a single one before they’ve pounded my undead ass into a fine dust. Help me Senior Sergeant Capricorn! Your my only hope! [/Star Wars] xD

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! I don’t know how I got rogue! HAHAHAHA! That’s hilarious! 8D

    Dude! Did you get my Happy new year’s text via mobile?

    Anyway, I’ve been on during the evenings around 8pm to 11pm. Are you in around that time? How about we set up a time when you and I can meet up? I’m not in all the nights, but if you get this message, I’ll be in from 7pm to 10pm again tonight.

  4. Spongey would NEVER do that! Err, rather she’s checking for any pubic lice infestations so prevalent in these rotten ogres you call men :p

  5. Alas, two hours since you logged off.
    Strange, since I logged in at about 7pm your time.

  6. Ah crap, and I got back on around 10:30pm. Yeah timing is way off… 8/

    As for pubic lice, only you Alliance scum would know such arts… We Horde know no such things! Well, I guess Tauren might… [sigh]

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