Kith & Kin

Waterboarded by Kari

This is the first time I dreamt of having sex with Kari. Mind you, in my dream, she slobbered all over my face. It was the wettest kiss ever. She expelled so much saliva, that it felt like what I surmise could be the feeling of being waterboarded. While her tongue and lips were pretty graceful, the deluge of saliva almost mitigated my sexual arousal. Makes me wonder if she kisses like this in real life. I wonder if she gives really good head.

[ponders thoughtfully]

Anyway, I met Kari way back in 2003 or 2004. So we’ve been friends for quite a long time. When I met her, she was still in high school. As the years went by, I caught glimpses of her growing up, initially cocooned by her upbringing and environment, innocent and naive of the world beyond her sight. In her 20’s, she spent her time finding herself and within that process, evolved from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Now in her mid 30’s, having been a country singer for the Daisy Dukes’ Band, and now, a full-time nurse, I had the pleasure of finally seeing her again, in all her glory and beauty. That was back in the morning of 2021, April 28th. She texted me on Whatsapp, then I called her on video chat, and we spend three and a half hours together. I even recorded our chat session, but unfortunately, accidentally deleted the video of her on the beach wearing a bikini, being drunk and playful. I remember she was lying on her stomach, or sitting down on her beach towel, constantly looking into her phone. We were smiling at each other and having a good time. She talked and talked and talked. A third of the time, it was about being enchanted by her bald anti-hero, whom she wants to rescue. Another third of the time was about us, being such long-time friends and how amazing that was. Then the last third was just her and I sharing our moments. She showed me her long thin vibrator she wears around her neck. Then I showed her my Fleshlight. She laughed and said it looked gross. I laughed with her and asked if she had seen her own pussy lately.


I don’t think I’ve ever had a crush on Kari though. She’s pretty, but more than that, she has a great personality. She’s bubbly, playful, funny, charming, and sexy. Also, she’s not political and she’s outside the realm of social disorder. In short, she’s all about, “you do you, and I’ll do me”, and here’s the thing, like my relationship with Patrick, Laura, Pepper, Pascale, and of course, Amber, political correctness is out the door. We get each other. So things that are normally triggering for society, will not affect us, because we get it. The only problem unfortunately, is that since I met her online nearly two decades ago, she has this one fault that is very obvious. She clearly lives in her own world. Meaning that whenever other people try to tell herno their story, whether that be about their day, their issues, their happenings, somehow, Kari will ‘hear it’ for about 30 seconds, then somehow, she will redirect the conversation back about herself. She was like this back when she was a teen, and she was like this when we were ‘hanging’ out on Whatsapp on April.

You might be wondering then, how is it possible she was a great personality, when she always turn the conversation to be about her? Well, if we’re talking about anything but ourselves, like our hobbies, things unrelated to ourselves, sex, movies, etc, then that ping pongs fantastically. However, when we start talking about personal stuff like our own relationships, Kari will give me her attention for about 30 seconds to a minute, then she will steer the conversation about her own relationships. It happens 100% of the time. I wonder if any of her other friends and family members are aware of this or have mentioned it to her.

Kari has admitted that we don’t talk with each other enough. Literally, besides being penpals initially, we shoot messages to each other very randomly throughout the years. Most of the time, in her adult years, the times we spoke on the phone, or on Skype, was because she was going through a heartbreak and I was there to hear her out, cheer her on, etc. While she might have been curious about my personal relationships, again, her attention span towards my personal life lasts less than a minute.

Regardless, I wonder what kissing her is really like.

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18 days ago

I’d like to meet Kari as well, she sounds like a breath of fresh air ^_^

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