– July 5th, 2018: Version 13 has been established. All previous blog entries prior to July 5th, 2018 has been moved to ThoughtRobot.com. Leemanism 13 will become a site for self guidance and reflection. It will be an extension to my presence on Quora.


– Early Year Version 12 has been established.


– Mid Year: Version 11 has been established. All previous blog entries prior to January 1st 2016 has been placed back onto the site.


– January 20th: Version 10 has been established. All previous blog entries prior to January 1st 2016 has been moved off-site and archived. Version 10 commemorates a change in the way I want to express myself with Leemanism.


– July 19th: Version 9.2 means the site’s theme reverted back to what it was in 9.0. I just liked the white background more than the dark. Also, I reengaged the Disqus commenting system, as it’s the most flexible system to use. A few other changes will come along in the near future as well.

– June 3rd: Version 9.1 has been implemented. For awhile, I felt that merging every thing into one blog didn’t work out as I initially thought. In Version 9.0, I said I wanted to focus more on self reflection, but ended up doing rants and reviews on society, politics and religion. I didn’t like that at all. So I moved all of those posts to SwollenCheeks.com and modified the theme to match what the site ‘felt’ like in the beginning.


– March 21st: Version 9.0 has been implemented. A lot of changes are happening in the next couple of days. First big hit: the number of published posts has went down from 465 posts to less than 200. I have split up the blog into two again. SwollenCheeks.com will contain my more volatile posts from now on and Leemanism.com will focus primarily on self reflection, inspirational articles and a section devoted to giving advice to people who ask for it.

I will continue to clean up the site further and possibly get rid of many of my personal posts from the past as well.


– January 11th: Merged SwollenCheeks.com with Leemanism.com to form Leemanism 8.0. SwollenCheeks was my pet e-zine project, but I have absolutely no time to continue that project. So I figured I might as well merge that site with my personal blog. This means I will have a much more active role on my personal blog from now on. Initially, I wanted to separate my social ideals from my personal blog due to my relationships, but after pondering on this off and on for two-ish years, I came to the conclusion that I will no doubt step on some toes now and then.


– October 5th: Top Yappers (top 15 commentators of all-time), Post Views as of today, re-published “Me” page and changed it a little.

– September: Version 5.0.


– August 14th: Version 4.0.


– March 23rd: Leemanism.com 1.0.