200 Miles Between Us


<"Cloud Age Symphony" from the Last Exile OST>

While I was watching the last hour of Eight Below, I realized that today is the morning of July 15th. Today is the start of the Seattle to Portland ride – 200 miles, split between two days. Cindy and I registered for this back in February. She thought that by training together and going through the 200 miles together, the experience would strengthen our relationship. (Un)Fortunately and obviously…

It was pretty expensive. It cost about $130 USD, and that’s just for the registration and transportation from Portland back to Seattle – overnight stay at a motel or room or whatever was extra.

While I was watching the movie, I had the impulse to text her a “Good luck on today’s ride” but I realized I don’t remember her cell number anymore. Then I had another thought of texting her from the Telus/Fido web site, but that doesn’t help either, cuz like I said, I don’t remember her number. Anyway, just as the movie ended, I thought that I shouldn’t anyway, but then my logic side came in and ‘said’ that I could at least wish a good luck, but of course, the social emotional influence that have been integrated into my system battled with that lo…

ANYWAY… The only ‘benefit’ I may receive from texting her a “good luck” would be self-satisfying a sentimental past, which doesn’t actually benefit me at all.

Conclusion? I’ll just wish her a good luck by heart. Hope she won’t get into any accidents, and hopefully, she’ll be able to ride all 200 miles, go back home, and say she did it. It’s one thing between us, that she treated me like shit on a flaming stick, but it’s also another from a mature point of view to wish her the best of the trip. It’s personal for the negative things that happened between us, but to actually see ill of her is something completely different.

[ponders] I may be vengeful, but I’m not ‘evil’.

PS: I could have sworn I copied the picture of a cat sitting upright on a sofa saying “Sup?” over to my jump drive! Damn! 8E


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