Deleting The Naughtiness With Pascale

After a few more back-and-forths with Pascale, I decided it’s time to call it quits with the sexual overtones. At one time, in the far past, we could have had a lot of sexual fun, but I failed to take advantage of that time because I was being such a great protective friend. On one hand, being a great protective friend is good on paper, but that brought a lifetime of regret, stress, and frustration. Damn it to fucking hell!

While Pascale never explicitly told me not to tell her my lecherous thoughts about her, she did tell me that she often ignored the perverted comments her other perverted friend sent her. So while Pascale does respond to every advance I make towards her either with an eye rolling emoji, a “LOL”, or sometimes, a curious question about my sexual endeavors, or at times, a semi-friendly tease, ultimately, I can tell it’s going no where. Until Pascale end up back at my home, with Amber present to goad her into a threesome, all this directness and indirectness on my part isn’t worth the emotional and sexual energy.

So instead, I will completely keep my communication with Pascale platonic and just do my part as the supportive friend. Even when Pascale talks to me about sex, I will treat them as educational and respond as thus. That is of course, if she’s here and it gets to a point where she needs to get fucked.

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