Dessert Before Dinner

A favourite past time I had, was molesting breasts with my hands under their shirt. This drove me nuts, and more often than not, amuses the woman I am molesting. I’m like a calm-faced hungry wolf when I am doing this. I have done this with lovers, girlfriends, fuck buddies, a few friends, and a couple of naughty strangers. I cannot do it with my wife, because the act triggers her badly due to abuse as a teen. Alas, I haven’t enjoyed this extracurricular activity for the last nine years. This might look funny, but this has been quite stressful for me. I find molesting a woman like this, relieves a lot of stress and it’s also fun at the same time.

Mind you, about eight years ago, I almost molested Pascale’s tits, but I chickened out in the last literal second when she allowed me to. Instead, I caressed her stomach, her sides, her under-boobs, side of her boobs, her hips, and waist. I have been regretful ever since I was allow to touch her, but didn’t. However, as our friendship waxed and waned over the years and eventually got to a point in very recent times, where I openly told her I need to molest her, I was hoping Pascale would relent and just let us do it. Alas, she has all sorts of excuses for it.

So, now I am in oblivion, hoping to find a similar-minded individual, preferably a friend to share this hobby with. It will be fun, stress relieving for both of us, and she might even get off on it. We just have to communicate. Don’t worry. I won’t recklessly grope her breasts. It will be a mixture of gentleness, firmness, and lots of teasing. We just have to openly talk about it and experiment.

Anyone want to meet up for a booby massage and perhaps more? 😉

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