Erica has aided in heightening my perception of reality. I was aware of the idea years before, but it didn’t quite occur to me until very recently that there is no universally shared reality. Reality is relative to the person perceiving it. Reality incorporates three things: perception, process and conclusion. Within the layer of process, a person goes through a rapid filtering of ideas influenced by emotions, upbringing, past experiences, witness to external factors and moods of the moment.

This has made me realize that my reality is different than the reality of others. What sparked it off was when Erica was explaining the nth time to me about her reality of our situation or rather, her situation. This particular thought sparked just now, a few moments ago before I decided to enter this entry, that though we both are living in reality, the reality we both live in are not the same, even if the awareness factor of reality was there from the beginning. Her capabilities share her reality and so does mine. Just because I can see it happening, she might not due to the situations that hinder our realities.

This realization of reality has also broadened my awareness and perception of other subjects such as religion/faith, lifestyles and even relationships with people and things. If only there are people in this world that share this heightened awareness and perception with me.

Unity and progression by ridding excess.

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