Tea Girl


Came back from work around 5:27pm. My dad loves to stay within the speed limit, which is a good thing. It takes him about 23 minutes to drive about 2 kilometres. On a good morning, it takes me about 7 minutes to get to work. On a good afternoon, it takes me about 15 minutes to get back home. SPEED KILLS!

I agree.

I should think about other people more.

Anyway, I had to do some stuff, then took a 14 minute nap, then showered, dressed, etc, and out the door to Kirin on Westminster Hwy. It is my mom’s birthday today. It’s also Virginia’s birthday today. I wanted to give her a call after like 6 years… Well, 5 years since I called her. So I searched my room for my two old Nokia phones – a 5190 and a 6188. Oh yeah! They’re OLD! Finally found them in a box somewhere in my closet.

I phoned her house, but some russian guy came on, and then I phoned her cell phone, but no answer. Moments later, I get a call, and I was like, “Oh wow! Hope it’s her!” Unfortunately, it was some girl who acquired that number, and not Tea Girl.

Mind you I did a search for her online and found this:

She looks different than what I remembered. Mind you, this IS about 6 years ago. Well, I guess my concept of erm, you know, stuff back in the day is different to now… Who knows?

Anyway, I wanted to get in touch with her tonight and wish her a happy birthday. I think that’s not going to happen.

When I saw Marlon earlier this week, he reminded me that he thought he saw her at McD’s a couple of months ago. Hmmm… Ah whatever… Like my colleagues and my mom said to me, “Yuen fun”. Cindy and my “Yuen fun” was/is nil. Her “Yuen fun” with Nelson happened because she met me, and I persisted in our relationship. If I hadn’t, she would most likely never have met him. So that’s how it works…

Right at this moment in time, I think I miss Virginia more than I miss Cindy. Then again, that’s probably just old memories resurfacing. What happened back then was a LOT worst than this rendezvous with Cindy & Demons. (why do I smell like cologne when I didn’t put any on today?) On a scale of 0 to 1000, the negativity of Cindy towards me is about 750/1000. Back then with the whole company/friends/tea girl thingy, that rated at 950/1000. Mind you, it’s different. Cindy did things negatively for MONTHS towards me, where as that whole thing back then happened all within 6 weeks.

Then again, nothing happened between Virginia and I. Who knows? Maybe I was blind then too…

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15 years ago

Omigosh… This is somewhat irrelevant but I couldn’t resist… I know she was special to you but maybe she was the Rong girl?? *hyuk hyuk* :B

15 years ago

HAHAHAHAHA!!! You know what? I thought her contact info was outdated, but guess what? I called her ‘old’ house number again, wondering if indeed that was a Russian guy, and lone behold – IT IS her house number!

We talked a for about 10 minutes or so. OMGOSH! She’s studying the EXACT SAME THING AS CINDY!!! Except, she is ACTUALLY PASSING! Meaning, she’ll be writing her finals this month, and if successful, she’ll go to the states for med school, then back to B.C. to do work probably.

That is very interesting. From the sounds of it, she’s all grown up… I was surprised actually that she still remember me. We exchanged cell numbers. I’m not going to call her again. Well, I mean, not until she calls me back at the least. I don’t want to intrude in her space you know, especially after all these years.

This time around, if it’s good, I want to pursue a friendship with her. 8]

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