Why Must The Kitty Come Back?


Anyone know “The Cat Came Back” song?

…But the cat came back the very next day
The cat came back, they thought he was a goner
But the cat came back, he just wouldn’t stay away…

Anyway, I hooked up my bro’s web cam to my comp the other day cuz one super fine lady requested some stuff and when I went to take snapshots through Photoshop, guess what popped up in the import process?

^^ I believe this was taken on July 25th, 2005. Don’t get me wrong here – I’m over her in terms of loving her. Actually the mention of ‘loving her’ sends shivers up my body. And yes, that’s a giant chick she was sleeping on. It’s not mine. It’s my bro’s. And yes, that’s a legit Winnie The Pooh bear beside her…

Anyway, I didn’t know these cheap Intel web cams cache their images in the hardware. Out of ALL the pictures, it kept this one. It’s weird to me.

[ponders and grins]

Any other kitties want to take her place? Hahaha… {meow} {meow} 83

^^ So fuzzy! I can’t help it! There is nothing masculine about this, but I don’t care! Look at them! How can you not melt over such fuzzy little creatures!?!?


ps: gosh darn it! she had such a fucking nice ass! if only i can post them up, but that would be quite a ‘big’ no no… [sigh] such a delicious ass! so big and round and wow… will there be girlfriends in the future with such a hot ass as she did? [ponders thoughtfully] well, time to go to bed. gotta wake up in 6 hours to do the grouse grind with pat, flora, and emma. yeah, did all the small caps bug you? 8P


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15 years ago

*HA-CHOO!!!* I’m allergic to cats. Seriously. :s

15 years ago

Yeah you told me before. Odd how that is. I can see your army of puppies and another army of kittens… 8o

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